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  1. Garuda 2 exists to be subsumed for Breach Surge /s
  2. I like the suggestion on Speed affecting sprint speed rather than regular movement speed.
  3. lmao, where did this rant come from? Bet OP puts Vitality on their Hildyrn.
  4. My only picky thing to say is, I wished Sow could be recasted.
  5. Not gonna lie, exalted shadow looks cool but kinda underwhelming to me. Like OP said, shadow sev feels very clunky and it’s animations don’t feel very fitting for a shadow form entity. The Shadow form kit kinda compensates this with the pull and dash, but ultimately still feels bad to play with.
  6. Thank you for making such an in depth post on this topic. Your suggestion about an extra armor bar, reminds me of the Division health model going from HP with armor damage reduction in Div1, to flat armor plates that gates damage to health in Div2.
  7. Do I need to tell you about the time in which capture exterminate, defense, rescue, and assassination are the only types of missions? Without bringing out the grandpa in me, I think WF transformed into something bigger than what it originally was.
  8. I don't think it is a "purists" type of problem, but rather warframe is beyond the scope of what it was 8 years ago. As a founder, I would also say this is the best time to play warframe. But, I also said it every year prior to this one, and I would probably say it for every "next year" to come. I think it is the constant update, change, balancing, and rework that ultimately creates an enjoyable gameplay loop and experience that makes warframe, warframe. I dont think warframe will ever achieve a balance that every player would agree on, and I think even bigger titles like WoW has a dissat
  9. Change for the sake of having a "change" is rarely good. You asked for an opinion on your suggestion with an improved passive, then I throw the question back at you, what parts of Oberon do you feel it being underwhelming and warrant a change? Oberon is a hybrid DPS frame with the Paladin class archtype design and sits at a very comfortable spot. His armor buffs, heals, status immunity and instant revives are one of the best any frame could offer and has interesting synergies that isn't a "one button=win" design. With his Smite augment, Oberon's 1 is an amazing ability that people also ra
  10. Basically the same shabang with World on Fire becoming Inferno, or the change to Blade Storm. There are a some abilities I found LOS being detrimental to their supposed playstyle, but Breach Surge isn't one of those abilities.
  11. While I guess more ally interactions with "parasitic link" would be great for solo players, I am curious to see your nidus build, that you get "100 to 0" regularly for you to find nidus' tankiness an issue.
  12. Make link mods available to sentinels is a start. It also sucks that Vacuum, Animal Sense, Regen, Assault Mode, Guardian, Shield Charger, Medi-Ray, and Repair-Kit are already staple mods on most sentinels (depending on frame/build), giving them limited slots for unique utility mods like sentinel Precepts, Sanctuary, Synth set mods, Coolant Leak, etc.. Overall companions have been the better of the two types of pets since introduction. With additional unique abilities and synergy with frames, sentinels need a major rebalance for them to be fun to play with.
  13. Basically, make mercy kill easier to initiate, and more like glory kills from Doom with quicker animations that doesn't disrupt the flow of movement and gameplay.
  14. My only piece is that I really hope they buff Strain mod set, or at the very least make maggots from the mod interact with Nidus skills.
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