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  1. Can we get a new option to toggle boost on archwing and necramechs? Also, sprint toggle makes you sprint even after stopping or aiming, which is not as intuitive as how other games have implemented it. Furthermore, Necramech boost, should be able to aim with mouse (view control) just like archwing, instead of tied to your movement controls. As a person that doesn't use their pinky for keyboard controls, playing necramechs made me realize just how unintuitive some controls are. Ofc this post will be piled under a whole bunch of other QoL requests, but just my cup of tea.
  2. I don't know if its only me, but I tried doing a genetic imprint for my new kavat, and for some reason even though the timer is up, and the genetic tools menu displays the process complete message, I get an "unknown error" when I tried to collect the print. Relogged, still the same thing.
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