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  1. Cuarto día esperando el texto a traducir...
  2. Will the new Anvil system include elemental weapons? (P.e. two-handed swords with innate heat proc).
  3. Would be nice to have them back.
  4. EXPERIMENTAL THEORY Pray for getting cores. Enjoy your infinite Volt BP's.
  5. Hey you've got the Volt, leave the poor guys some bp's.
  6. Velocity beings is not appliable in any way. In order to get the velocity state commonly known is necessary before an energy supply, lol. A non-energy being doesn't need to look like something. For example, if you were a zebra, and you couldn't channel your energy, that means you would be dead. But not only that, if a predator ate you and they couldn't get any energy supply, that would mean you are not an energy being, at least, the way I think it is. But, as you know, zebras need and utilize energy. A non-energy being, first of all, would still be a being, yes. But one that, as it needs no energy, it exchanges that zero energy into zero energy, therefore, making nothing. For me, the only non-energy being that we've got is void.
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