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  1. It would be some kind like that: you superjump, and you do it again close to 7m, with that you get above a platform, and without touching and being less than 7m above, you superjump again, and you do it again with another platform. I was thinking about that when you have to kill Captain Vor, there are some high places, where that would be some kind of risky in order that you would have an unfair sniping place for your teammates. Maybe the base should be taken from where you jump, and, once you come up to a floor, the next point of reference would be the one that you are on now.
  2. But... You just use double jump to get to a higher zone, and without touching it but being above it you can use it again, and again. Because if you take as base platform now the one you are above, it would be unavoidable. (My mind has blown up trying to explain this).
  3. Hecro

    Volt Buff

    He deals tons of damage. Pointless a buff.
  4. We weren't talking about the hype. This is just a post for fun.
  5. I thought Lotus said some kind of ''This is Ash. Shadow, and ellussive'' He just says himself hi.
  6. https://www.warframe.com/theliset/?#1 What the?
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