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  1. I've been using itzal in archwing missions to farm titanium/asterite. I tried using its abilities to fight enemies but they are useless. itzal's 4 doesn't even register damage on level 1 fighters, not even a 0. Itzal's cosmic crush with the cold snap augment did 42 damage to a level 1 fighter, and that is with 8/8/8/8 intrinsic and 3 forma in the itzal. Fighters respect your stealth but crewships do not.
  2. When you blow up a crewship reactor from the inside, if you then leave the crewship and shoot its 3 engines out and shoot its main body you can blow up the crewship instead of waiting for the slow reactor timer to tick down. Helps cut down on the crewship getting free bombardments off and you get to pick up the loot right away. Just like the forward artillery, it doesn't seem to work if you shoot out its engines before blowing up the reactor. Not many people seem to be aware that you can do this.
  3. I just got it now while playing solo. I entered a crew ship, killed the pilot, took control of the ship and I was awarded the challenge immediately.
  4. Can't mercy kill thrall devourer demolysts either. Normal non-thrall nox seem to ignore stealth mercy finishers as well. The animation plays but he ignores the damage.
  5. I want the ephemeras from them, but I want to find them on my own instead of just buying them all. I had all 13 weapons by 25 liches or so with one ephemera (rad). Now I'm 72 liches without seeing another. Its not exactly fun content or challenging at this point. I don't look at their stats or even their name sometimes. Its just gonna be another 25% tonkor to add to the pile of 12 or so. I'm stubborn but even I have a limit.
  6. I'm at 54 for 1 ephemera. Just the way it goes. hey this thread again. 89 liches now, still 1 ephemera.
  7. 50p 25 rad chakhurr 26 heat chakhurr 26 toxin drakgoon 30 toxin drakgoon 27 toxin drakgoon 28 toxin quartakk 26 toxin tonkor 26 toxin tonkor 25 toxin tonkor 26 toxin seer 31 toxin brakk 26 heat kohm 29 electric karak 36 heat quartakk 28 electric karak 37 electric ogris 29 electric brakk 25 magnetic seer 38 magnetic chakhurr 27 electric chakhurr 30 electric ogris 25 electric kraken 37 electric chakhurr 27 toxin stubba 25 toxin chakhurr 25 toxin tonkor 29 cold tonkor 30 toxin drakgoon 29 toxin kraken 75p 43 magnetic karak 45 electric brakk 41 toxin chakhurr 46 cold kraken 48 electric kraken 46 electric quartakk 46 magnetic seer 150p 50 heat chakhurr 51 electric chakhurr 57 electric kraken 56 impact ogris 50 magnetic ogris 50 electric quartakk 300p 60 electric tonkor Whisper me in game. Offer if you want. IGN: Masquerine No ephemeras, Their drop rate is non-existent for me. 89 liches, 1 ephemera drop.
  8. In about 25 liches I got all 13 weapons and one ephemera, so I'm basically done with the kuva liches already. Getting 8 25-30% weapons in a row is just depressing, everything is a downgrade. Even if I wanted to upgrade a weapon there's 13 possible weapons, so getting a decent roll on the right weapon is also problematic. There's no reasonable incentive for me to continue playing this content. I'm on my 37th lich but I'm ignoring him now. He can have europa. There's just no sense of progression now and I give up trying to get a 31%+ weapon.
  9. If you want to send a lich away and someone won't stab it, play revenant. Use 1, then 3 and when its hp bar drops, it will exit the mission. I've encountered this in some parties recently with people that are playing revenant.
  10. The loot stealing is also compounded when the lich steals your requiem relic from the kuva mission, the very thing you need in order to get rid of said lich. It just adds another layer of grind on top of the already super grindy lich adventure.
  11. Octavia's 1 makes it pretty easy by letting the enemies kill themselves for you. I had the broken scepter for more orbs and ferrox alt fire to group enemies. Jump around and let the mallet do the work.
  12. Yup, same thing, 4 squads per reward. If you're solo you only get one squad at a time as well, making it even slower. I also had a kavor run from c to a, then back to c when he was told to move out with the rest of his squad. That one guy alone added like 3 more minutes to get the reward.
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