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  1. I hope so, tired of looking like I didn't do anything all mission long. I Helped Darn It!
  2. Didn't Mr. T Potato say something similar to all of this? Not the gundam part though.
  3. I hear that WF has over 100 Frames in their vault of unreleased frames. It's possible they already have an animal frame. Makes me wonder how many frames they pulled from the warframe sub-reddit or whatever it's called.
  4. Hello Digital Extremes Team here is a list of questions I'd like to see answers for during the developer stream. This list is a mixture of serious and not so serious questions. Thanks for reading! 1. Any plans for look link being applied for operators? 2. Will there be any story missions involving the Unum? 3. Will we see the Stalker flying his ship during rail jack? 4. Will Dark Sectors ever come back? 5. Will the 8 man squad missions raids ever make a reappearance? (Edit: Finally remembered the name thanks to DanielBanMode) 6. Could you get someone to fix the big head bug on the Grineer mask for operators? 7. Will there be any more special operator missions where we can posses things other then Warframes? (Example: Orokin Worm, Enemy Units, Animals) 8. What's the ETA on custom movements modes for old frames? Previously, I remember y'all saying something about wanting to do things like that. (Example: Limbo, Wisp, Hildryn, Etc.) 9. When the sentients invade during the new war will they have any special dialogue about the Eidolon that was defeated/scattered on the plains? 10. Will a mission be created to address the Beast of Bones? 11. Any plans for Ordis or any other NPC to narrate mission progress? 12. Will Revenant get a deluxe skin showing what he looked like before getting his Eidolon makeover? 13. Will the team consider making a augment for Limbo that makes him vacuum enemies into the cataclysm and mods already in it? 14. Helminth seems kinda bored, will he be getting any attention? 15. The Veldt shoots out of it's scope (instead of the barrel) can the look of it be updated so it can be seen as a plausible/conventional weapon. 16. In Cetus there are many other people speaking hoking their wares will we be able to buy from them at some point? 17. Will players ever have the choice of logging in at clan base instead of landing craft? 18. Where can I get my hands on an Orokin tea set?
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