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  1. But I don't need to explain the mindset behind my post. this isn't a psychoanalysis of me, as much as some of you would like that. it's an opinion piece on what DE needs to work on, and what D2 does better. don't look too into it. like you said, I'd very much like to come back to WF in a month. but it's doubtful DE will implement meaningful change in that time.
  2. Do you know where you are? This is the offtopic subforum. I'm leaving an opinion, and some feedback. Don't look too into it, don't get your feelings too hurt. You can still keep playing WF of you like it.
  3. I'm not saying both can't coexist. However, some players like myself only have time for one of them. D2 is a much more polished experience.
  4. More senseless design, more power creep. Not good.
  5. I much prefer WF's storyline and lore. it's a bit more unique, and there's more stuff to play with as a writer. I'm pretty disappointed WF's world building, rewards, and scaling are so poorly done, because ultimately I'd prefer to play WF over D2.
  6. when or if DE addresses this, I'll return to once again enjoy the game. I love WF's lore and style, but the terrible rewards and lack of challenge are what ultimately got me to uninstall it so I can make more space on my SSD. D2 really has the difficulty curve and reward scaling figured out, which is why I'm enjoying that game so much right now. many of us have been discussing this issue for years on these forums only to be laughed at by the fashionframers...it's kind of a letdown that DE listened to these goofs, and allowed core system problems build up for so long.
  7. They're two games in the exact same genre. They also share the "looter shooter" market, and a common demographic of players. They're both also MMO-lite games. Obviously, each game will have its own dedicated group of followers (Warframe is more of a cult than a real community imo), but I'm arguing that D2 is a vastly superior looter shooter.
  8. How about they finish what they started, and revamp useless Nyx again? Maybe third time is the charm.
  9. There's no comparison really. New Light is a much better game in every way, a true AAA experience. I'm done with WF until its core design problems are addressed, hopefully in Empyrean.
  10. as always, I look forward to WF's core problems and mechanics getting improved. until then, I think the Ember rework is dope AF. and weapon exilus slots are a terrible idea (more power creep yay). I just feel...the game's design is a big problem (mods in general vis a vis power creep), and core problems need to be addressed instead of shoveling more pointless new content. like, why do I need a utility slot for my gun when entire tilesets are getting one-shot anyways? Mods 2.0, let's go DE. Empyrean looks ambitious and promising. I think in 6-8 months WF will look a lot different, and hopefully more interesting than what we have currently.
  11. Quite simply, the game is infinitely more challenging than WF, and at least you have the option of grinding fun content for better drops/stats. Weapons don't at all feel the same, totally disagree here. I mean, there are less gun types, but the shooting feels infinitely better than WF...this isn't even debatable in my mind. And the power fantasy in D2 is moderated, as opposed to stupidly out of control like in WF. You mean one-shotting a room with your Warlock's Nova isn't power fantasy enough? I don't understand. At least it's on a decent cooldown, so you can't faceroll content like in WF.
  12. 1. I'm already at 900, and nothing noticeable has changed about my game. Game is still free. 2. Exotics. As I said, I don't remember ever feeling excited about a drop in Warframe. I guess being able to buy everything on the market is a double edged sword. You give up the thrill of a true looter shooter for greater accessibility, which admittedly I enjoyed at first, but grinding plat is so easy that you can outright buy anything you want any time. Because of this stupid design, DE is drowning whilst struggling to pump out more guns, more frames, more cosmetics...which I will obtain in minutes or hours, and then I'm stuck twiddling my thumbs for 3 months. This is why WF's "endgame" is collecting floofs. LUL. 3. Meaningful rewards means whenever you do any activity in D2, it gets you a little bit closer toward some objective. Whether it's a mod that you purchase, or a drop you get from a boss. In WF, this only really applies to Kuva, but rivens are entirely optional (and arguably pointless) in this freaky power creep. Let's say I do an Arbie or a Tridolon. Wtf am I getting? Some arcane or mod that I don't even need, which I will just sell for plat. In a looter shooter (which WF isn't), you're at least grinding for better stats or a better drop. This feeling you only get with rivens, but as I said, rivens are a trivial, unnecessary mechanic. 4. Unlike WF, D2 has mechanical skill checks in every fight. So no matter how strong you are, you can get annihilated if you stand still or not pay attention. When doing WF's "endgame" content, you can literally alt-tab and get the hot trash reward just the same. Yesterday in D2 I did an open world event which kept escalating. It lasted 15 mins, and I got legendary gear out of it. It was more challenging than a 90min Arbie or a Tridolon. By far, and it wasn't even close. WF can't even achieve this feeling because of its flawed design.
  13. It's the perfect example of "less is more". When comparing with WF: less classes (compared to frames) less unique (Exotic) weapons and weapon types less game modes less fluff Yet, everything is better. Everything matters more. Most things are streamlined. Getting that sick drop matters more because gearing and shooting are so much better than WF's modding system, which imo requires a full gutting and revamp. Add it to DE's list of things needing gutting and revamping, amirite? I don't remember the last time I felt excited when getting some mod in WF, and I sure as hell don't feel excited getting any reward in WF. Closest thing to feeling excited is when I finish waiting for something to finish crafting, or when I'm done forma'ing something. But it's more of a "phew, I'm done with all that annoying crap, now I can play" feeling. The subclasses are all "top tier" and relatively balanced (no tier lists, no trash frames and community anger about missed opportunities; maybe in the past, but not now). While I prefer Warframe's lore, Destiny's world building is just so much better. It truly feels like a hand-crafted world, as opposed to the boring, repetitive tilesets and open worlds devoid of content. Why doesn't WF have fun open world events with meaningful rewards? WHY?! Why are OV and PoE DEAD content to this day? What a waste 😓 There are less weapons types technically, but my god, the shooting in this game feels tight AF. All of WF's weapons feel like flimsy, weightless Nerf guns in comparison. Although melee has a lot less variation in D2, it somehow still feels more punchy. Again, less is more. While they're not perfect game modes, D2 at least has good if not great endgame and pvp content. There was actually some thought put into balancing and power creep, and there are some boundaries that make the game much more enjoyable distally. D2 also has dungeons and raids with mechanical skill checks. Imagine Exploiter Orb fights, all the time. And a PvPvE mode (a huge missed opportunity for WF, mostly due to having clueless designers). tldr; for me, D2 fills in pretty much all the gaps I feel WF has, and is the perfect replacement for this burned out WF vet. D2 is a true AAA experience, and feels so much tighter than WF. Give the game a shot if you're bored in WF waiting for Railjack to drop. Sadly, I don't think Railjack will come even close to resolving the deep design issues WF has. Playing D2 has made me realize just how deeply flawed many of WF's design elements are. Of course, to each their own...AND NO YOU CAN'T HAVE MY STUFF.
  14. I think DE is terrible at retaining players at both ends. From the stats, you can see that WF is quite bad at retention in general, and reasons for that are probably for another thread. That being said, DE probably makes most of their cash from new players getting suckered into Prime Access. And after that, probably by constantly dropping new frames/weapons and people using plat to forma them up and buy the fashion.
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