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  1. Probably burnout. The gameplay itself is objectively really good, and I've been enjoying it a lot. I just don't see anyone who likes the base gameplay of the game not enjoying this event. It's just a more exciting and better excavation mode with infinitely better rewards. I guess if you hate excavations, you will dislike this? Pass on the event, or take a break from the game. If you're having trouble earning credits, I'd say improve your builds. Everyone should be going to wave 15-17 with little to moderate effort.
  2. Last Limbo I played with made it impossible for me to DPS the Condrix. He was slowboating it with Contagion, and I couldn't damage the ball. It was a terrible experience. His Mesa buddy kept dying as well, after wave 15.
  3. This is the dark side of meta chasing - blind stupidity and bullying. I've been soloing 17 waves of the event since its release. Mesa's DPS drops off hard by wave 15 and I clear sentients faster than her. Limbo just slows me down. Can you guess which frame I'm using? (Mag). As usual with this type of nonsense, just play what you enjoy, and try to contribute in some way. Everyone can slap on a Paracesis and just clear sentients in middle. Everyone can slap on a Rubico or Lanka and DPS the space vagina. Oplinks can be protected with bubbles (Gara, Limbo or Frost), and Grineer waves can be taken care of by cc frames. This event has a super wide meta, and Limbo-Mesa isn't the only way to clear 17 waves efficiently.
  4. Whatever has been shown so far (topic of OP) is not good.
  5. Thanks for so nicely outlining why Protea is trash. You did it way better than I could. I've been making feedback threads like this one for over a year, and I have a total of zero forums warnings. It's just feedback, without any disrespect or callouts. Try again.
  6. But it's just like a worse version of motes. While energy orbs are ok for newer players who don't have Arcane Energize and Zenurik dash, the health orbs are entirely pointless. The dispensers (as they were shown) are bad and redundant.
  7. While I agree with you, I think they should just leave the weapons alone (save for a few crazy outliers that need to be balanced). And just make the game push back more. I don't run any terribly OP stuff, and fighting lvl 200's doesn't feel to bad. The game just needs more content like this.
  8. If you don't see anything wrong with their development process, then I can't help you. This is less about me not liking new stuff, and more about DE wasting their old content.
  9. There's nothing really to discuss here. Suggesting that players should gimp themselves to make the game playable is utterly asinine. A good difficulty curve is part of any game's development process, since the beginning of time. DE is the only developer I've ever seen not familiar with this concept. But then again, we have Scott ranting against players using the Simulacrum because, so nothing new there.
  10. Nyx is not even remotely in a "pretty much okay" state. She is an utterly pathetic and useless frame in just about all game modes. Plenty of feedback exists on how to fix Nyx. This thread is about Protea first impressions, and general sketchy DE development process. I removed the quasi threat from my OP.
  11. Recently following Scott's interview with Tactical Potato, content creators received some letter from DE asking them to showcase more of the "actual game" instead of the Simulacrum. TP of course obeyed, and his recent video featured ESO with its pathetic lvl 70 enemies. I found this sad. Warframe needs an "NG+ Star Chart" for seasoned players. I have been asking for accessible high level content for years. When I select a star chart mission, I want to start it at lvl 150 with appropriately scaling rewards. Why do I have to wait for 50 mins in an Arbie, being bored? Every game does this from Diablo 3 (GRifts) to Destiny 2 (Ordeals). It's just common sense design. I always found it such a slap in the face and a disrespect of my time that the game is asking me to kill lvl 25 enemies with my 5-forma Rivened Amprex. Or to waste 60 minutes in Mot (for no good reward) so the game can start feeling challenging. Stop it. Look at the open world bounties. Why aren't there elite bounties that start at lvl 120? The game needs to push back so that power creep turns into real progression. Scott feels WF's artists and AI designers don't get the recognition they deserve because of Simulacrum warrior content creators. Jesus man. We all love WF's art. AI might even be ok (I wouldn't know) if the enemies lived longer than a microsecond. It's most often the design that falls short in WF. Game designers need to respect their art team. Game designers need to respect their AI developers. It's not up to the players and content creators to abstain from Simulacrum (omegalul).
  12. I was watching the brief Protea WiP showcase, and this frame just does not look good so far. Her 4 looks terrible visually, and conceptually. She has motes or something? We already have Wisp, and Protea just looks redundant. DE, please focus on your old frames and bring them up to par. There is a high demand for functional psionics (Nyx), earth-bending (Atlas), and air-bending (Zephyr). These frames are trash. Rework your old content, and re-release their primes. You will still make money, trust me. Nyx is in a dire need of a good rework.
  13. Titania looks fun, I might grind her out later. Corinth and the prime are trash. Shotguns are dead for higher level content (as in they kill too slowly), and once again I am convinced DE doesn't play their own game. Like with a lot of these releases, it's just more pointless horizontal progression. I'm happy with my current loadouts since tweaking them after Revised and melee 3.0, and I would prefer for DE to focus on releasing real content. I want to see less new frames/primes this year. Protea looks like complete trash.
  14. So I'm all for 1) power fantasy in WF, and 2) play how you want. Therefore, I'm not asking for any nerfs (any longer). Balancing is DE's job anyways. However, no frame should have ever been allowed by developers to trivialize an entire game mode. When one frame takes away fun from others in the group, this is called anti-fun (S-tier). Limbo trivializes SS, Saryn trivializes ESO, any stealth frame trivializes survival, Chroma trivializes Eidolons and Profit Taker, even Nyx will trivialize Interceptions, and so on. There are lots of strong (A-tier) frames for all these game modes, but only a select bunch ruin others' fun, and make the game's meta trash. Not allowing this should have been DE's mantra from the get-go, and switching over to "responsible balancing" now would be troublesome for many players. But I would support it, even if my favorites got gutted in the process. I've learned to not get attached to a damn thing in this game. p.s. If I were to balance Limbo, I would simply make his dimensional warp thingie have a bit of RNG so that a mob or two make it through every once in a while so the player is forced to pay attention. If I were to balance Mesa, I'd add some kind of overheat mechanic to her revolvers. And so on. Just minor things designed to keep the player awake/engaged. It's just common-sense design principles
  15. I think it's really bright because they've finally started thinking about and implementing endgame content, and scaling difficulty and rewards. Although it is/was mad bugged, the new SS event is well designed. Liches are good as well. RJ needed a lot more time in the oven, but it's really important they don't cut their losses and keep pushing it forward. The gameplay loop is "promising" imo. RJ needed another 6 months of development before being "serviceable". As a vet who hated the state of the game a year ago, I really like the development direction.
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