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  1. You are overthinking it. Take a Fatal Teleport Ash into Steel Path Mot, spend 5 minutes there. The ability is less than garbage. It literally does nothing. It was totally gutted. I know DE does this kind of nonsense relatively frequently, but it never happened to something that I really enjoyed like MfD. Feelsbadman.
  2. as i said, it was balanced by it needing range and efficiency. Regarding "nuking entire rooms", welcome to Warframe. Saryn nukes the entire tileset while humping a corner. My Baruuk nukes a room in two swipes. Mesa, same.
  3. you guys have straight up MURDERED MfD. It's not a little bit underwhelming, it's COMPLETELY useless. It was balanced by the range stat. It was only great and effective on frames that built for range.
  4. Limbo is the epitome of bad, anti-fun design. DE has no clue how to create a good coop experience, and WF has the worst coop I've ever played, by far. Lots of other frames that make coop play totally obnoxious, looking specifically at Khora here. Anyway there's a reason why I mostly play this game solo... it's quite good in that regard. I can set my own rule and pace. Not to mention the horrific p2p connections and lag, which I can totally avoid. WF's coop experience is literally held together by Scott tape. I mean, Scotch tape.
  5. Because it's a weapon combination that scales endlessly and has the lowest time-to-kill. You can kill a lvl 400 in the same time as a lvl 40. This can't be said for primary weapons, and most secondaries.
  6. I like this topic. There are just a few frames that fit this criteria. Few more with Helminth. My top 3 are: Nidus. Basically a perfect frame from the start. Nova especially with her 3 replaced by Warcry or Pillage. Wisp with Sol replaced. But even with Sol, her 1-3 and passive are so incredible. If you were to put a gun to my head to pick ONE, it would be Nova. Her utility, nuking power, mobility, and tankiness make her an A+ frame. Worthy mentions: Ember with Fire Walker replacing her 1. Nezha (although Reaping Chakram seems to be badly bugged,
  7. Primary weapons are basically dead. Kuva Nukor + CO melee melts the entire game with scaling damage and great range. There is literally no reason to use anything else. This is the worst weapon diversity we've ever had. I have Ferrox on all my frames, mostly as a utility weapon to group enemies and stack even more statuses for CO. Also, and more to your point, mirage was garbage, is garbage.
  8. Nova - Pillage or Warcry instead of portal. Wisp - Pillage or Smite instead of Sol. Baruuk - Empower instead of Elude. Nyx - Breach Surge instead of her 1. Ash - MFD instead of Blade Storm. Ember - Fire Walker instead of her 1. Nidus - perfect kit, no change. Love these builds on these frames. Super high efficiency, useful, and thematic. Breach Surge, Warcry, Pillage, and Smite (Infusion) have been my favorites by far. Despite all the senseless whinging on the forums about Roar, I have it slotted in exactly ZERO frames. There are simply much
  9. Stropha is so strong in its current form that I haven't used my Redeemer in months. What's wrong with having a trade-off? I like the shorter range.
  10. couldn't agree more, a bunch of us have been saying this for a while. just look at all the wasted assets. Orb Vallis, PoE, RJ, liches, vanilla star chart missions that need refreshing, syndicates...and they're probably off working on 5 other new things. like having design ADHD. DE, less horizontal, more vertical. go deeper on the systems that already exist and improve them.
  11. Not nearly as much as other frames, and certainly not in the tier 6 bounty.
  12. If you guys want the best frame in the game for tier 6 bounties, just use Assimilate Nyx. She's fully immortal to these gas procs, and can instantly strip all the infested armor and 1-2 shot any lvl Jugulus. Use a nikana with Blind Justice and Naramon. No no mobility issues.
  13. I think this is very good. Pay attention to its glaives. Mesa has facerolled open world content for long enough. Now at least you have to use your eyes a little bit.
  14. I like the idea of leaderboards. WF is by far the worst coop game I've ever played.
  15. This is by far their best and smoothest open world. Like, it's not even close. What are you smoking? Probably upvoted by Chinese bots 🤣
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