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  1. Really, it doesnt. Getting tags is still is vastly less in line than getting fish parts. What the hell.
  2. I have an idea... instead of everything 0% rezistance, buff it to 25% weakness on everything. Then it might be viable. Or make operators any fun to play during normal missions.
  3. Conservation in general isnt the smoothest system, okay, but its bearable in PoE (Plains of Eidolon) and 4T (Fortuna). There is RNG on what subtype of animal spawns. It doesnt matter in PoE and 4T. What matters here is the quality of the capture, giving low, medium or high standing for a bad, good or perfect capture. Highest ranking animals give in the thousands range of standing. Getting Perfect captures is a valid way of gaining standing in Poe and 4T. Why it isnt in HoD: First off, the RNG of the sub-type spawning. The gear item to spawn more rare animals doesnt matter either
  4. BOO! scilliant helminth rescourse cost necramech mods
  5. i guess the mohawk in bright energy in your fov gives epilepsy? or generally a giant plume of energy on your screen makes you not see S#&$? very much too bad though, i totally agree
  6. This is that Chinese monetization kicking in!!!!! I hope it never gets worse that this..
  7. that never helped anything, you know how hard people have been complaining to make this game better, and it falls on deaf ears every time? EVERY TIME?
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