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  1. My friend, you have some serious issues if you call "friendliness" > " a lack of rage".
  2. I find it amusing that you think DE would ever playtest their own game.
  3. I think DE seriously wants people to stop using the Arca Plasmor at this point.
  4. The optimization gets worse with every major update. At least it feels like it. Loading into the plains with an eidolon bounty takes ages. That wasn't the case before Saints of Altra.
  5. I'm sorry but what..? Those acessories look low effort as F.
  6. I was also sometimes unable to load into the plains right after the game told me to optimize the cache. But I'd rather re-download the game than optimize it.
  7. Yeah, he is a big disappointment. His battery drains way too fast which doesnt make him tanky at all (20% at lowest.. LOL). I've tried to use my melee weapon for more damage reduction to get energy back and then keep the energy up but it's simply way too much work for a frame that has next to no utility compared to other Warframes. His CC is nice but the range is ridiculously low since you need to build for duration. The damage of his 3 is terrible though. Redline is an extremely uninspired ability (which I don't mind that much) that actually punishes you for using it because holding the battery level above 100% is virtually impossible unless you want to spam your 3 or 1.
  8. -Projectile speed is bad on weapons that have falloff damage.
  9. I don't even mind that. It's the ridiculous sound that makes me want to scratch my eyes out.
  10. I have a really short attention span... Does that also apply to petrified enemies?
  11. [DE]layed For real, don't expect it tomorrow either. I was hoping for it too but at least I can't be disappointed because I didn't expect it anyway.
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