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  1. F*cking LUHMAO, are you actually implying that Eidolons are anywhere near being difficult?
  2. My only problem with her is how her 4th is not an instant AoE ability... Constantly pressing 4 and waiting for the circle to widen is SO annoying... And it's only the direction you're facing.
  3. The nostalgia hit me so hard 😧
  4. Oh okay. So you wanna tell me that the Aklex, Panthera, Angstrum, Baza, Stradavar, Lato, (Ak)vasto and Akjagara are all overpowered weapons that deserved the recent dispo nerfs even though nobody uses them?
  5. The Itzal blink literally has nothing to do with the power scaling, but ok kiddo. It's because every other traversal option is slower and tedious. And a nerf to it would make people go even less into open world. Goes to show how much you know.
  6. Whining about someone else whining. Oh the irony...
  7. And yet you're trying to be so smart all the time, actually hilarious.
  8. You are MR26 and don't switch to operator form when he spawns? Ok.. Husla is right...
  9. Y'know what would be nice? Shoulder cannons. Also, how is Railjack doing?
  10. Only the level determines the enemies health and damage, nothing else. Additional group members only affect the spawn-rate. But yes, enemy scaling has been a problem since this game exists. There are tons of "abusive" ways to actually get around this horrible balancing with certain tactics. But then again, those are unfun as hell. The whole balance aspect of Warframe is flawed and it has been burying itself into a bottomless pit with neverending powercreep. If you buff something there.. something else will become either useless and/or too inefficient(and maybe boring too, considering the efficiency factor). I'm all for buffing and revamping Warframes that are useless in higher levels *cough* Ember *cough*. And we can't forget DE's stubbornness on this topic too. Look how much stuff is actually irrelevant late game if you want to save lots of time. It's kinda sad what DE did to some frames. Ember and Ash being the best example. And Vauban? Yeah, they've been saying it for ages that he's getting changes. And the first few buffs to him didn't change anything at all since derelict defense isn't relevant anymore. There is no real solution to this actually. No new damage system will ever fix this. And it makes me quite sad. Buuuuut then I have to mention again.. DE has said multiple times that they're balancing the game for casuals (Not blaming them much considering how many people whine about the easiest stuff..).
  11. Never said that should not be the case. In fact I do think they should be god tier weapons because of the ridiculous grind.
  12. Yes, let's nerf the weapons that require the most timesink which are also supposed to be the best secondaries. 900 iq
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