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  1. Crewmates definitely used to revive each other. After the second hotfix they just stopped doing it outright and forced me teleport back to my ship. Don't know why it stopped.
  2. You underestimate the complainers as it seems. They got a LOT of stuff nerfed the past years.
  3. Oh my god.. I was wondering if I was having THE worst luck in the world... All the time spent trying to get the new weapon.
  4. And who are you to tell me what constructive feedback is (Small tip: it actually is)? It's not even an opinion because it is an objectively bad gamemode that is not fun nor rewarding.
  5. I dislike the gamemode anyway, it's just constant annoyance of Sentient enemies while you sit in your Necramech that can't regen energy at all so you're forced to leave the mech to remove their resistances. Anyway, remove it overall or at least remove it from Railjack. And on top of that, give us an option to reliably regen Necramech energy. Otherwise the game mode will stay hated.
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