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  1. What mission types are you struggling with? Well, nonetheless, shoot me a message!
  2. I've said it before that I've seen so many good fixes for so many problems (and I mean actual good fixes) that they simply ignore for no reason at all. Like.. how many things are bad in the game right now? Endless gamebreaking bugs STILL haven't been fixed after YEARS.
  3. What? -Shotgun mode has a SUPER small AoE -Shotgun only has 6 shots and the long recharge time combined with the small AoE makes you run away too often against waves of enemies -Auto mode is a worse version of the Tiberon -Shotgun mode is a scuffed version of the Arca Plasmor In the end, it's a combination of two weapon types. THIS is how new weapons should be designed. There's zero powercreep.
  4. You're trying to tell me to just accept things? Is this what you do all your life? Man, I'm glad I'm not such a weak person.
  5. So it's okay for the devs to screw up simply cause "the system is supposed to change"? Jesus H. Christ, you people like getting screwed over, right..? Can't think of anything else at this point.
  6. So a dispo buff does not equal a buff? You can't be saying this for real. Or why are you making this nonsense up? DE clearly gave up on weapon balancing since they have introduced riven mods cause it's so much easier to do that than work on the weapons stats. Not to forget how horrible riven mods become below 0.7 since diversity for weapon builds becomes entirely useless too. Also, Kuva farm is tedious, slow and rng reliant as hawk said above. Literally no compensation for anything. Strong weapons already clear out the garbage low level content that DE puts out. Those dispo nerfs m
  7. Wow.. that sucks. Hope's there for DE to fix this alongside the operator and Warframe animaton sets in the profile in the next hotfix.
  8. This is a sound & animation bug, I didn't really know whether to post this here or in 'sound', so I'm sorry if it's wrong. This happens under all circumstances. Sometimes it works though after weapon switching or falling off the map, but only for a few shots. The animation itself looks stiff and no sound is played at all.
  9. This soundtrack almost makes me want to cry. So frickin' amazing.
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