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  1. Imagine wanting a weapon nerfed because your PC is trash.
  2. You understimate the power of casuals.
  3. Same with Iron Skin. But hey, what do you expect from developers who don't play their own game? They've proven it time over time how bad some of their design decisions are.
  4. We're also still waiting for The New War.
  5. As much as I hate nerfing things, I'd rather want DE to do that than leave broken mechanics and other things in the game. Best examples are or were Ignis Wraith, Saryn, Nova and Spin2Win. That doesn't mean I agree with the devs philosophy of the game. They've been doing this since the game came out. But at one point it not only gets old, it just shows how lazy they are. AI needs a complete overhaul. Enemies need a complete overhaul. Game modes need a complete overhaul. Damage distributions need a complete overhaul and so do Warframes. That's my opinion though. With so much content that has been added, it's quite needed, and that's where Warframe is dying for a lot of diehard fans. I still play the game occasionally because I love it way too much. But DE figured that catering to the casual player and not respecting peoples time is the best way of making money.
  6. I mean you can't deny that Limbo isn't vastly overpowered though. The only reason he is not being played a lot is simply because he is annoying and boring to plays as and with.
  7. Rhyandra

    Nerf Bramma

    Let me guess, you came from Destiny?
  8. Thanks for making something else useless again while leaving the other useless stuff in the dust. But I guess no fun is allowed. What's next? CP nerfed to 5% armor reduction cause Corrosive is too strong?
  9. I have the same cpu as you and get this weird, small stutter just like you. They really need to fix this, it plays with my brain too much 😕
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