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  1. Yeah nevermind I went & read your previous replies to other people & I see a pattern. But then youre no different to practically everyone on these forums. I
  2. Yeah sorry erm its been happening on Harrow.
  3. Its seems to be a gpu thing Ive had it crash me in eso using thermal sunder builds & once while using sevagoths 2 & 1 combo.
  4. Imagine if you started every non railjack public mission with someone else random frame & mod config. Sorry noobs but theres no more power farming MK3 parts in pub lobbys for you onboard my railjack Im affraid. Much much harder to get a maxed out railjack now aswell since they changed it to endo & credits instead of just dirac...lol
  5. In all fairness mate theres not much railjack content left in railjack. Your railjack is just a way to get to the ground mission,kind of like an interactive loading screen...lol Most of it is ground missions now,especially void storms.
  6. Just get a crew & play dolo you will have much more fun. 2 gunners & an engineer is perfect the engineer makes it so you dont need revolite & they will always fix every fire or breach without you needing to do anything. Solo railjack is the way to go AI crew are so much better that random people in a public lobby. I promise,especially if your crew are level 5.
  7. Flexa is the closest thing. Its one extra objective to destroy missile platform & its always the small one. Use your omni to tp back to your jack drop straight into archwing use fluctas punch through to destroy radiator go back in open the second vent omni back to jack drop into AW again desroy vent go destroy core omni back to you RJ & youre done. Your crew & enemy spawn rates make the mission go alot faster than Gian Point ever was. Trust me I put 4 forma on my railjack in about 12 runs. Takes about 2 & half runs to max your railjack or anything else for that matter.
  8. Sorry but if 3 people are ready to start the sortie mission & we're just waiting around for you to do your stuff Im going to force start. Theres more people than just you in the lobby. I bet youre one of the type of people who carrys on doing your own thing when 3 other people are waiting at extraction.
  9. Railjack? Oh you mean the space ship I fly to destroy 2 security nodes & a couple of crewships before I start a normal ground mission. Yeah its a cool new interactive load screen but Ide prefere the actual railjack gamemode we used to have. But I can see im in a tiny minority so I guess railjack isnt something for me to play anymore. Not to mention how much of a nerf & credit & endo sink it is for those with max railjacks to get it back to a point where its still not as good as the old railjack but then it doesnt have to be because you dont really use the railjack anymore especially if youre playing solo & with the state of railjqck public lobby who isnt playing solo. So no I absolutly hate this railjack rework absolutly hate it & will not play it after Ive farmed what I need to its dead content & Im just glad its on an island away from everything else so the illness cant spread.Although I think its too late to quarentine at this point the rot has already begun to set in
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