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  1. This guys a masochist. You came here with a complaint!! Burn em I say Buuuuuuurn the blasphemer.
  2. Love this when you litterally solo a sortie boss but it looks like you were afk with 5% but the guys who killed 4 standard enemies on the way to the boss with a mellee weapon looks like they carried everyone. Being host has an effect on it aswell
  3. Ohhh you just F'ed up reeeal bad. You mentioned rivens & new primes. Prepare for pitchforks.
  4. How very dare you forget the /s. Absolute heresy you must be flogged at once.
  5. So what youre saying is you didnt read what theybsaid or just failed on basic level of comprehension.
  6. I must say leveling this frame was probably the most demoralising thing ive done in war frame & I farmed the broken war at MR10 from lua sentients before easy railjack sentients became a thing but leveling Lavos took so long because I just couldnt bring myself to finish anything with him because he's so miserable to play. Absolutly hate that frame.
  7. Snipertron Vandal isca good example. 8 forma & decent riven with 200% dam plus other stuff & its garbage. Recoil & the sound it makes just hurt it even more.
  8. I wouldnt even know what youre talking about. Im a console player you see & we still get our deimos vault bounties reset when we return to the hub & we didnt get this event either.
  9. Wow youre brave. I got brigaded for asking this. Apparently Im very very dumb for not realising why.
  10. Hadnt logged in at all since around july but saw the affinity booster & thought ide log in to level up the damn thing so I get some arcanes when/if the event comes to console,our vault bounties still lock back up when you go back to the hub so we're way behind still. But yeah in general I hate the mechs but I think most of that comes from how painful it was to farm void rig for me & that it needs 5 forma. To be honest Im not feeling this whole sentient infested rhing theyre doing at all hence why I hadnt logged in for over 6 months. Got over 3000 hours sunk in to
  11. Which wouldnt be so bad if practically all the tile sets wernt tight corridors & small rooms.
  12. The difference is that in most other games it doesnt cost you money to upgrade your gear like it does in warframe through formas & capacitors/reactors. Thats the difference.
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