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About Me

I'm a Finnish gamer, who likes to do just that, play games. I'm pretty active gamer, but because I have so many other games to play, Warframe just sometimes doesn't do it for me and I may be inactive for several weeks.
My favorite games are Dota 2, Payday 2 and Warframe, when I feel like playing it. Shovel Knight was also the coolest indie game I've ever played.

I'm also a Blade & Gun Champion, tho I just got very lucky. There were only a handful of submission during that challenge, so I guess I got lucky and got the title. Didn't win the plat in the end tho.

If you want to play with me, my steam account is PotWalrus, so just add me. I'm pretty easily approachable, since my nature doesn't allow me to be obnoxious person.
If you don't have Steam, my IGN is PotWalrus.

Some little things about me:

My favorite loadout (Mastery Rank 12)

Warframe: Hydroid

Primary: Ignis

Secondary: Mara Detron

Melee: Nami Solo

Sentinel: PARA Carrier


Now for random things:


I'm red-green colorblind.
My favorite animal is walrus.

I play other games too. Like Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Payday 2, Magicka and such.

In Dota, I highly enjoy playing Chaos Knight and Doom. Tusk is also cool.

In TF2, I main Medic. I used to be in a highlander team as Pyro/Medic.

In Payday 2, my favorite heist is Golden Grin Casino, my favorite heister is Sokol.

My favorite color is grey.



At the moment, I'm trying my hand at drawing. I might try to draw something related to Warframe, but we'll see.

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