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  1. When I did this, I was back in my orbiter - or whereever I looked at the star chart and clicked on Nightwave. I wish I had this idea before. Today it resolved itself with hitting Nightwave rank 1. After I gained the 10k standing, the problem just disappeared, now I can click on it like in previous seasons and get into the shop.
  2. I started Warframe after pausing a year and noticed the new Nightwave Season. I want to see the shop/ranking/rewards, but everytime I click on Nightwave in the lower right corner at the star chart screen, this Glassmaker thing starts. I did a few crime scenes, most of the time I had to leave because I didn't have 5 Cephalite Resonance, but today I was able to proceed. Got a scene with someone speaking to me and some floating stones with numbers (I didn't pay attention, so I failed, I think). Back in my orbiter, I clicked again on Nightwave - guess what happened... the same crime scene again.
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