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  1. My head briefly pops into Serpent's warship on the bridge Huh. Ah, well t'was bound to happen sometime. 'Tis a shame to see such a fine ship go under another hand but things happen
  2. Flies out with archwing with the wolf helm in hand Don't matter anymore got the part that I need. Warps into another system with the railjack in tow
  3. You little Takes over a courpus ship and blast your lab with its main cannon Sorry man but I need to use him oh and take some amalgams from my pile that I left behind My gift Shoots down the conculyst and steals back the wolf
  4. Engages Archwing at a distance only to find the ropalolyst waiting. Grabs the wolf and flies off
  5. Hopes over to Jupiter using the solar rail Finds the wolf breaking open a harvester with the amalgams watching over ready to fire. This will be interesting
  6. Starts working the kuva canisters into position Hopefully this works Plugs the wires into the scanner and then the wires suddenly turn to the colour of kuva
  7. Sigh I wonder when rebbeca will show off her dio cosplay in Warframe
  8. Starts up the torture dance song.
  9. Welcome to the club Hope you like context because your gonna need it
  10. Well considering we are on my empyrean I mean like we can just set coordinates
  11. Huh well gonna go to the kuva harvesters then to get more. Throws 1 redeemer prime at you keep up the experiments. Now to those blessed systems...... hops into the servos to continue work.
  12. Hmm How refined is it Need it to track the litch over the system
  13. One canister from yesterday The same one that had to be plugged in from well the previous day, cycle to be more specific
  14. Hey do you know the last place they were also still waiting for that kuva
  15. Look I'm not asking much please if anything I just need a bit of kuva in the ship for propulsion and hunting the kuva litch for you Begins for the 6th time rummaging around in the bowls of the ship
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