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  1. woah, overwhelming update. while there is a lot too read, i only skimmed through it. combat is usually fun for me when it's initially easy to grasp, but difficult and much more rewarding to master.
  2. Sound interesting at first glance, but NO and here is why you can't let CC be determined by RNG; skill based gameplay. (yes, this also counts for pve) I don't think RNG should be in CC on SINGLE targets in most cases, however I can see how dominance can be used for larger crowd control to soften a CC skill to be so empowering, and by softening the power level of CC you can in turn bump up power levels of other skills as a trade off. For example you CC 4 instead of 6 or the duration scales. But CC on a single target should be a sure thing.
  3. OP post didn't convinced me and all the naysayers to the mechanic are also a bunch of fear-mongers. Just let the mechanic deploy and we go from there. I think new mechanics is to be celebrated, the DE team is thinking in new creative ways, doesn't mind me if the mechanic will be a hit or a miss. i rather see it in action first hand and then call for feedback to iterate or scrap it all together.
  4. tooting my own horn here; called it https://www.pcgamer.com/google-to-launch-multiple-game-studios-for-stadia-exclusives-but-huge-new-ip-is-several-years-out/ https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2019-10-24-google-is-making-a-spectrum-of-bets-on-stadia-content Now if you are listening in to this Jade 😉 Please make use of Google's Voice to Text transcription software to create ways to command NPC's. And while you are at it, make the players avatar less immersive breaking by replacing their voice completely to match their avatar.
  5. imagine warframe warned cheaters for using cheat programs, it can be used to find loop holes. OP you just #*!%ed up, just endure the punishment.
  6. i like to see Stadia push games to its next potential with hardware that isn't readily accessible to the common consumer. Like interacting with A.I. NPC's, procedural gaming worlds that's not scripted by humans, but machines. Provide games on that platform that require immense computing power and i gladly make use of this service.
  7. I got to hand it to it, it's a pretty dumb mechanic. Try and solo Councilor Vay Hek on a kuva flood mission. Now on top of the invincibility mechanic you get a hefty bullet sponge. However bosses like the eidolon, profit taker and orb mother are pretty good. Tridolon remains one of my favorite, but hidden for most to truly enjoy because of its deep learning curve. I'm really looking forward what DE brings with railjack. However I think many mechanics are just dumbed-down to appeal to the masses, I mean the newer bosses like profit taker and orb mother aren't near of the same caliber of the tridolon.
  8. first off, awesome update! however can you tone down the brightness of the lightnings in the eidolon hunts?
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