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  1. the reason there are more bugs on pc on an update launch is because there are more players on pc than people testing the updates at DE, at that point its simple math more people playing equals more bugs found, plus major console updates have to go through certification before they launch while pc dont so it more convenient for consoles for us pc players to act more like testers and find all the bugs since there are way more pc players than what DE could test for/with
  2. the cashes appear on your loot radar as items/containers, when i hunt cashes i dont even bother listening, i just use a max range/max loot range limbo build as his 4 destroys containers, makes it super easy, also i didnt know about the cashes appearing on loot radar for ages, its a small detail
  3. alas based on my boi rhino's stance it may look like it, but then again they could just be reusing portions of the kdrive animations to speed it up as i think its gonna be a new melee type, at least i hope. also yes i want to do this also, i totally cab see me doing a tridalon run then unicycling back to cetus
  4. look in the replies first next time before commenting this, someone always posts a time sheet
  5. devstreams pre 2020 where every 2 weeks so they are halfing the amount of devstreams they used to do (you might have prime time and devstream timings confused, and if not then my bad), which works well with the new ‘ship what we’ve shown’ mentality that they want to implement
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