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  1. look in the replies first next time before commenting this, someone always posts a time sheet
  2. devstreams pre 2020 where every 2 weeks so they are halfing the amount of devstreams they used to do (you might have prime time and devstream timings confused, and if not then my bad), which works well with the new ‘ship what we’ve shown’ mentality that they want to implement
  3. just hosted a railjack game, i was piloting but it took me forever to turn, it was like the looking option was switched to manual not the automatic move your mouse right and keep you ship turning right i had to physically swipe to turn and it had the slowest sensitivity, i even put my mouse at the highest sensitivity still took me like 10 mousepad lengths to go 90 degrees, up and down wasnt as bad as left to right still same movement problem but quicker sensitivity.
  4. i wont argue your personal opinion, as its yours not mine, but maybe they need to do a slight overhaul of operator cosmetic placements, like a mask section, eyewear section, diadem section and ear accessories section, cause i kinda agree that some of the eyewear is lacking, personally tho i want my optima oculus AND the vayas prime mask
  5. so i finally got my accessories, was just gathering evidence for a ticket and there they where so i didnt bother with the ticket, BUT! there is a new problem, it would appear that the mask and diadem have swapped slots, the mask is under eye accessories while the diadem is under facial accessories, which sucks cause i wanted to use this new mask instead of the ki'teer atmos mask, but now i cant without removing my eye wear.
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