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  1. Just now, Jins81 said:

    Could you include UTC time for us none muricans in these?? ty

    look in the replies first next time before commenting this, someone always posts a time sheet

    4 minutes ago, Digressive said:

    As always, here are the times for Tenno in other time zones 🌍🌎🌏 

    A live version is available on Google Sheets here: https://bit.ly/WarframeStreamTimes

    Subscribe to the official Livestream calendar here: https://forums.warframe.com/calendar/3-livestreams

    You can link this calendar to your own Gmail calendar to receive reminders - here's how:

      Reveal hidden contents

    1) In your Google Calendar, click the + 'plus' button next to Other Calendars



    2) Click the From URL option from the drop-down menu.



    3) Copy and paste the following address into the URL of Calendar text box.




    4) Once you have pasted the URL, go to Settings and you will be able to set a custom name for the calendar and notifications for the streams.










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  2. 2 minutes ago, (PSN)corpusbonds said:

    So one Devstream a month? Honestly I like that way better! Gives you all time to collect info and not worry about every week. Right on.

    devstreams pre 2020 where every 2 weeks so they are halfing the amount of devstreams they used to do (you might have prime time and devstream timings confused, and if not then my bad), which works well with the new ‘ship what we’ve shown’ mentality that they want to implement

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  3. just hosted a railjack game, i was piloting but it took me forever to turn, it was like the looking option was switched to manual not the automatic move your mouse right and keep you ship turning right i had to physically swipe to turn and it had the slowest sensitivity, i even put my mouse at the highest sensitivity still took me like 10 mousepad lengths to go 90 degrees, up and down wasnt as bad as left to right still same movement problem but quicker sensitivity.

  4. 12 minutes ago, (PSN)Deeceem said:

    This better stays exactly this way! I was stoked to find out this is the only mask that allows me to wear facial accessories in addition to it because I dislike every single eye cosmetic. Personal opinion obviously.

    i wont argue your personal opinion, as its yours not mine, but maybe they need to do a slight overhaul of operator cosmetic placements, like a mask section, eyewear section, diadem section and ear accessories section, cause i kinda agree that some of the eyewear is lacking, personally tho i want my optima oculus AND the vayas prime mask

  5. so i finally got my accessories, was just gathering evidence for a ticket and there they where so i didnt bother with the ticket, BUT! there is a new problem, it would appear that the mask and diadem have swapped slots, the mask is under eye accessories while the diadem is under facial accessories, which sucks cause i wanted to use this new mask instead of the ki'teer atmos mask, but now i cant without removing my eye wear.unknown.pngunknown.png

  6. 9 hours ago, b4timert said:

    half isn't enough it just mean you need 925k rep instead of 1850 rep for a mr 29 player that still takes 31 day's if they get all the rep each day. They will also need to increase the drop rate on rare frames like ivara, harrow and khora part some of those part can take days to farm if your unlucky. im going to repeat myself

    "The fact of the matter is DE didnt balance the game around the fact that people might want to farm multiples of the same frame and will need to compensate for it now by increasing drop rates and decreasing rep to buy the old frames quest frame parts."

    im going to assume a lot of players also didn't keep their extra bp's and sold them for credits.

    while i kinda agree with you (and have on several occasions sold my extra frame part bp's) i will enjoy the grind, havent done a boss rush in ages, not to mention i need to fight them again for steel path, and as you point out even half of the total standing is way too much, this i agree with but i have been meaning to get around to buying everything (apart from frame parts altho i will now) from simaris and other factions like the ostron and quills, and while i may not use the new helminth ability transfer on my current frames (i have all prime and non-prime but i dont want to sell/sacrifice them as i have a collector mentality and i have on occasion gone back and looked at old frames to see where i came from and played them for luls) i may instead make a brand new one so i could forma it to better suit it with its new ability. anyway i see this as more of an insentive to play/interect with these systems that haven been played much due to how much there is to do now, i can see that you may not enjoy doing it as much or may flat out ignore it out of spite, i on the other hand will embrace the challenge so if i wanted to give a frame a new ability i could, but i may also do it for the fact i can say: 'yeah i did that and i enjoyed it.' Grendel is the only one i see being a real problem getting again, but i have keys lined up for when a friend comes back to the game, and im in no rush to do this either

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  7. 19 minutes ago, Thoogah said:

    you should open a ticket as soon as possible, I had some items disappear from my inventory as well, they were restored in a couple of days

    they respond relatively fast for these

    go to the support page submit a request and you'll see "Arsenal & inventory" there

    thank you for directing me to the right place, i didnt know where to go to submit a ticket

  8. As the title suggests i am missing spears, i noticed that the 3 spears you get from Cetus (Lanzo, Tulok, Peram) have disappeared from my inventory, i first noticed missing spears after i did the phase one Profit Taker bounty, but now that the shotgun riven i got from the gift of the lotus the otherday wanted me to do some fishing i checked if i had a spear equipped, i couldnt find them so i checked fisher Hai-Luk, and it sayed i didnt have any of them. I suspect it may have to do with me picking up the spear in the phase one bounty and it being removed from my inventory or overwriting my spears and getting removed at the end of my time on the Vallis.

  9. I’ve noticed that Octavia’s rollerball AI is bugged, I encountered this in sanctuary onslaught, the rollerball isn’t grabbing her mallet and tends to stay still barely moving after zone 1. And thanks for fixing Helios my scanner boi Prime has been as buggy as Ordis since the mainline

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