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  1. Lol they don't respond to this kind of issue, which is quite ironic because supposedly it is one of the most serious problems. I think it is because only few people are affected and we're not that much of a loss if we can't play the game, just not their priority I think. "Just wait there kids until you can log back in, or you can find another game we don't care."
  2. How to check keyboard language? Edit: I can't even imagine in what way it would change the language it's been english all the time.
  3. can't login, ancient problem striking again
  4. Dear Developers, Before you guys work on fixing other stuff can you please fix the login issues first? We waste our platinum for boosters unused because we can't login. "Login failed, Check your info"
  5. cannot login, someone explain this? I've noticed this has been a problem for years, sometimes we just can't login
  6. I can't login since the recent updates please help. "Login failed, check your info" but my info is correct
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