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  1. Railjack when? New war when? Lich system blows, please rework Grenndel buffs/rework please 3rd orb fight when? Does Acolyte event even exist?
  2. This recent update has so much bullS#&$ lol. So the lich system is opt in, getting rid of one is rng on top of rng on top of rng with lots of grind on totally separate set of missions AND to even get one larva to spawn is rng? What the hell. 🙂
  3. Is it too much to ask for liches to drop a requiem relic and maybe some kuva on attempt? I think that would lessen the amount of jerk ignoring their liches or extracting while someone if fighting theirs. Also how do you explain being able to opt out of the nemesis program? That shouldn't be a thing. Liches should be generated randomly or on players death and we should be pushed to get rid of them. We can't exactly opt out of being invaded by a stalker & co now can we?
  4. The ingame resolution setting isn't saving properly. It keeps changing to some lower res on launch. Also can we get an actual fun nemesis system anytime soon? Like it was done in shadow of mordor. Get rid of that opt in stuff and make it truly random, please.
  5. Bring back the old Blood Rush and Reach mods please
  6. The missions for acquiring Grendel are the worst thing that ever happened to Warframe since Conclave. They are tedious with those stupid restricions. There's no matchmaking for them so either make them shorter for solo players or simply allow pubs. It could be a cool mode as part of conlave (with matchmaking) but locking a new frame behind it is ridiculous. Those missons don't even need any specific team comps or any thinking whatsoever. A team of 4 Mirages with augments and simulor synoid did just fine. After doing these missions I don't feel like playing this game for a while if I can't even use all my stuff I worked for so long to get For anyone thinking that grendel farm was ok, we'll see if you have fun when against other factions, especially heavy units lol
  7. 1am for Europe, great. I hope twitch drops don't work again.
  8. Can you guys focus on one thing at the time? I don't really need to know how much progress was made on contents that will come out after a year or so. It's an unnecessary hype and distraction. Could you rework some past events and rerun then like every week or two so players have something new to do? Finally either get rid of those invasions with potato/exilus rewards or make them last 24h. It really sucks for people that have work or like to sleep. 😑
  9. Can we get some nora creds instead of the NW1 exclusive items if we already got them? I don't think I need a 2nd set of wolf armor or eidolon step but I would appreciate more kuva.
  10. Pet/sentinel system rework? When will we finally be able to equip mods on both sentinel gun and our pirmary? Will we finally be able to select pets without putting them in and out of stasis constantly? New player experience anytime soon? More disruptions? (for void, ceres, earth etc.)
  11. Vauban could use a bit more survivability. Maybe make one of his "mines" stick to vauban and allies like damage amp but give damage reduction or invisibility (optical camouflage), just like ivara's arrows. His ripline mine sounds redundant since vortex exists.
  12. A 2nd exilus slot (augment slot?) or maybe make augments passives that we can toogle on/off after we spend some bigger amount of endo (or multiple copies of said augment) in a similar fashion as focus way-bounds work?
  13. I'm scared to ask, but what would that be even? Will we get disruption for other planets/void with grendel update? Any news on melee 3.0 and 3rd Fortuna orb?
  14. Wow, finally some Gauss buffs and pretty good ones at that. Thanks. Atlas rework when? For now he'll be prime mastery fodder.
  15. Man I would love to have a chance to get more than 2-3 orokin cells per mission witout beeing locked into nekros and that right there is just the best player friendly solution. Ceres (orokin cells) disruption when DE?
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