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  1. Thanks for adding my suggestion about Oberon’s health orb drop!!
  2. I know Grendel has energy problems combined with useless 3 and 4 due to their pitiful damage. This will be some investment for you but try adding Gara’s Spectorage with her augment, Spectorage Siphon. This ability will not only save the energy problem but also synergises well with Grendel because he can gather enemies in a tiny area (inside the Spectorage). You can make this more ridiculous: Take off vacuum from your sentinel. Slap on Energizing Shot mod on Quatz (or any other secondary of your preference) and boom, you’ve got a bloom of energy. Oh and also use Ene
  3. Is it only me that thinks that nerfing Khora’s 1 should’ve simply been to add a cool down to it (considering that Lavos marks the re-introduction of such mechanic)? Its her bread-and-butter ability so something like 4~7s cooldown? To put this into perspective, for example, Khora’s whipclaw’s current state is like Exodia Hunt: it feels like rolling a dice due to its inconsistent functionality. Instead, what if her Whipclaw acted like Telos Boltace’s effect: consistent functionality but with cooldowns.
  4. If it reduces base armor (just like Shattering Impact) then it’s a good thing! If you use Shattering Impact, you’ll realize that it takes the same number of hits to strip enemy armor regardless of enemy level (e.g. grinned butchers always take 1 hit regardless of level). x3lp explains how armor stripping using Shattering Impact works: https://youtu.be/Pcqx8sSxPBE
  5. I’m not a completionist-type so I haven’t played all the frames but I guess this is a larger problem if it affects not just Oberon.
  6. I love your suggestion about Reckoning! Maybe you’ve seen my thread already but I’m suggesting to change his Reckoning’s health orb drop to trigger from “on-kill” to “on-affected” since this on-kill effect is pretty much impossible to pull off in missions in or higher than T3 Sortie, even with a high strength build. As a compensation, I also suggested to reduce the base drop from 50% to anywhere around 20%.
  7. That’s the reason why I also suggested reducing the drop %. Say hypothetically the drop rate was 10%, that would be approx 1 orb per 10 enemies or 2 per 20. This would neither trivialize Renewal nor Zenurik. Rather, this will allow, what you called, the “side effects” consistently function throughout all levels without breaking the game. Simply, you just need to tweak the numbers to avoid over-buffing them.
  8. The most mentioned complaints about his Iron Skin is that it requires two augments to make it useable, especially in higher levels where you need 20k+ iron skin.
  9. I’ve playing Oberon recently and realized how it’s pretty much impossible to get health orbs using his 4 beyond enemies past T3 (or even T2 depending on the faction) Sortie. Even the infested who has no armor received baby damage from his 4 in steel path. (Note that I run high power strength on him, even using growing power and power drift). Mag’s Pull suffers the same problem but worse; it can’t kill enemies beyond lvl 20. Both of these abilities’ on-kill effect work fantastically in lower levels, but they essentially disappear in higher levels. Suggestion: Change
  10. Completely agree that his 2 should not require an augment to become barely useful. He should be able to summon 3 walls by default.
  11. I know this may be an unpopular opinion for many and a scary one for DE, but I’m on the side of adding cooldowns to abilities, typically longer for more powerful abilities. In many typical games, player’s skill and decision making is tested by limiting the abilities of the players such as the movement of the character (stamina, no bullet jumping, etc), resource limitation (running out of ammo/mana) and cooldowns timers to abilities. Any famous FPS or MOBA are good examples. Players are limited in many ways but that also brings challenge and, therefore, excitement to the game. I kn
  12. Oberon’s 4 Reckoning and 2 Renewal I know that there are many frames that have one or two useless or incompatible abilities. Ive been playing Oberon recently and I have been realizing more and more how his 4 seems too expensive for what it does. It can kill enemies easily at low levels but at lvl80 sorties and Steel Path it’s pretty much useless other than proccing radiation while his 1 and 2 already does that with lower cost. I suggest changing his 4 so that enemies affected (instead of killed) by Reckoning have a chance to drop health orbs (%lowered to 25% from 50%, affected
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