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  1. No DE just can hide ther gamertags as they developed it. And seeing region means nothing as the staff can see all regions.
  2. If you want consoles exclusives play that console.
  3. Nothing forced you to play it in the current state if you really hated how railjack is you could have waited for it to be improved. But i do agree with most 9f your points
  4. Reflection still has the text saying is only useable while channelling.
  5. Depends on what you find alien. For me I seems normal and not alien at all bit it might be for others.
  6. Pc also have exclusive stuff. Like the rhino Rubico skin and not all tenno gen comes to consoles
  7. No DE posts a msg when they close and no matter what they win. It just been around too long
  8. Let people live in bliss ignorance. Not everyone is ready for 2020.
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