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  1. Granted but you get fired after 1 hour I with for a nuck to explode next to me
  2. Granted but they reveal them self by killing you befor you see one I wish to die
  3. Granted but you disintegrate as soon as you go super saiyan I with for earth to burn with me on it.
  4. ok thx pero este es un foro en inglés que puede seleccionar diferentes idiomas del menú
  5. Grants but you have everyone you love die so you are just smiling at that dead bodies I with for ecaliber prime to be obtainable on console
  6. Granted but you lose the disk after 5 mins and no more copy exist I with for cats to be replaced spiders
  7. Granted but a woman called luck all allways follow you around smiling just watching you I with EA goes bankrupt
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