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  1. 1) Are you talking about the Star Chart? It honestly just takes some getting used to is all. Once you realize RMB can immediately zoom you out, things become much simpler and quicker. If you're talking about the in-mission mini map, then its mainly a matter of getting used to it really. This applies to any shooter really, especially ones that have a diversity of movement mechanics built into them. Once you get used to tileset rooms, you effectively learn the best method of traversing and the mini map makes alot more sense. 2) "Stealth" missions aren't really stealth missions. They're more
  2. I'd be okay with an auction house that only did listings of prices like how Warframe Market does them. A level of player to player interaction would still be required.
  3. I actually forgot Warframe was on Xbox to be honest.
  4. Its almost impossible for DE to do cross platform because updates are always going to be late on the console. This has more to do with the certification process with Sony than anything that has to do with DE.
  5. Focus on the good points? There is also counter argument to be made about a good portion of people NOT getting angry over it.
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