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  1. BabyKurama

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    So no Kissing emoji?
  2. BabyKurama

    LF Pin-up style emblem maker

    LF for someone who can make a good pin-up emblem that stays within DE's rules but still has that Ecchi/playful feeling to it. Paying 350p. Want it in this pose and characters of pref would be, Banshee Soparna, Titania, Saryn Prime, Mirage Prime, Mesa Prime, Nova Prime. Must include an Original size, Sai version or one that Sai can work with as well in case editing is needed.
  3. BabyKurama

    Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets

    #1601946 Hole In the roof Was doing Arbiter of Hexis alert. The location I have forgotten But Grineer end room. That's often found at Ceres or Sedna, I think
  4. BabyKurama

    Isn't ember prime supposed to be out?

    The drawback of living in the "future" is that you need to wait for the "past" to catch up
  5. BabyKurama

    DE support ignoring my tickets ?

    Did /Profile xXX1MIKE1xXx and got - Given Username Does not Exist.
  6. There is "one" in the medic- room if u can sleep with the infested :3
  7. This is a old animation "prototype" and was never realised in-game. It only shows an Idea DE had long ago. So taking this as a fact that the Liset is the Operator bridge is completly wrong.
  8. BabyKurama

    More orbiter decorations from Cetus

    I'am still w8ing for the Golden Spoons In Cetus to be sold to us 😕
  9. BabyKurama

    Nidus Prime makes no sense

    Nether did Nova Prime if you read Nova's backstory, yet Nova Prime we got. Wish is starting to make me wonder if all that isn't backstory is aimed at the prime versions of the frame. And the regular once we make are just a by product of not having enough information on them. If it would be so then It would make sence
  10. That Is wrong. Re-play the Vors Price and play to the Liset when it's charging up part. and Ull see that there is no way in hell that's the same place. Or look at the size of the figure when u extract and then raise it up and ull notice it pops way over
  11. BabyKurama

    [Spoiler] Little Duck Theory

    I aint high enough of rank to see it so it's nothing for me. Thous I thought they had removed it
  12. So I have noticed that I ahve started to get sick of the compartment and some of its looks, well motly the still not fixed cables hanging around. So here is something I would love to see - Option to be able to fix the Orbiter so all lights, cables and such are fixed and working 100%. - Option to be able to swish out the foundry, arsenal, modbay, and incubator for different designed once (ofcourse plat cost) - Option to be able to remove or change how the infested part of the ship looks like, for exemple I would like it more centerd around the chair only. And definitely not have any of it outside of the Door. - Themes, like we have all kinds of skins for the Private room in the orbiter now. Give us some for the rest of the orbiter aswell. - A bigger private room. Being able to upgrade to Private room to bigger one [x2] (plat only) - A hangar and reactor room. I realy wanna see my dropships and stuff. it dosent need to be a entier room that you can enter and interact with. just a hallway with glass that shows the on the other side. - A disclaim that the Liset and The Orbiter Bridge is the same thing as the Liset is way to small for all that to be in. So change the faulty outdated Lore and ye i know there is some miss spellings
  13. BabyKurama

    Atmo Systems

    Gotten 8 Atmo system, so had some luck, Vega Toroids however dosen't exist for me 😞
  14. BabyKurama

    Hole in the map

    Upload image to a site like - Copy BBcode from picture - Paste BBcode in the forums - Done