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  1. -Fixed Wisp’s Sol Gate ability being able to damage Nullifier bubbles (and then killing the Nullifier). This follows precedent with other Warframe abilities that were fixed So you're telling me that Nullifiers can handle the suns force right on and not make a dent? Or did you just forget that Wisp doesn't make her own sun but creates a gate to the sun? (Gate = Her Power, Sunbeam = Not her power and thus should be able to effect Nullifiers Bobble)
  2. So I have played her and love her a lot already there is just a wee few things I find is missing Her 4th. I don't know it just feels like that power doesn't suit her power set. It does look awesome tho. Crouching - Wisp has custom walking animation yet her crouch is the plain same old one we see on every other frame. Not to mention, it's weird seeing her crouch walk with no feet. Equipped melee - When you have melee equipped Wisp uses the regular walking animation as everyone else. It would be nice when you moved around with melee in hand that she used her custom animations then 2.
  3. If you already got everything else in the bundle, then I would advise u 2 w8. It's frustating but better then spending 540p on bloodshed sigil only go get the news its coming to as a boss drop 2 days later.
  4. 122 Runs no mask. going Insane here -_- Edit: At run 133 I finally got it. In 200 runs only 1 mask dropped 😕
  5. Plz change so Atlas deluxs gems uses energy colors :3. And can we get a Gem wall for his 2nd?
  6. #1601946 Hole In the roof Was doing Arbiter of Hexis alert. The location I have forgotten But Grineer end room. That's often found at Ceres or Sedna, I think
  7. @[DE]Rebecca There is only fragments in the first and last mission, so you have to replay it 2 times. Wish is not a big deal but it's a little annoying, seeing as u can't skip cinemetics scenes to hurry it up. Additions: The Sacrifice is now replayable! 2 new original quest songs have been added to the Somachord from the Sacrifice soundtrack. You can find and scan the Fragments by re-playing the quest! These Somachord Fragments must be scanned in mission order from beginning to end in order to collect them all. If you miss one in mission 3 (for example) you can replay the quest and begin your search at mission 3 instead of back at mission 1.
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