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  1. Ok so here's what you can do that you should be able to accomplish in a week or so to prepare to tackle an high quality game model.... do something simple and unrelated first, like a piece of wood, a rock or a battered metal decoration. Sculpt a high poly, make your low poly version with a budget limit ( even if Warframe allows helmets up to 8k you should start with something really low, like 1k polys because that's how you learn what a normal map can or cannot do), then learn how to generate an uv map for your low poly, then learn how you bake a normal map from high poly to low poly (yes, it's a bump map generated from the surface of an high poly model projected into a low poly uv space, this way your low poly + normal map is going to have the same details your high poly has, more or less, it's pretty simple once you get it). After all that you need to learn how to use Substance Painter or some other type of real time texture painting software to generate a diffuse map, a metallic or spec map and a roughness map. It should be all pretty easy to grasp if you have previous 3d knowledge for any kind of other media and you don't have to think about design and requirements, and once you have this standard pipeline steps that are in common for any type of videogame asset in your pocket you can start looking into what's needed for Warframe specifically like the crazy art direction or the tintmask which is not a super easy concept to grasp on top of everything else but if you know the rest it won't be overwhelming at all etc etc Helmet or syandana it's up to you btw, you can download examples for each one, they're in the guide i've linked you :)
  2. I don't quite understand how you know to do sculpting and 3d editing and painting but you don't know what it takes to make a 3d model for a game. Really all it takes is the right poly count limit, basic knowledge to how to bake high poly to low poly (with uv) to generate at least a normal map and then painting to make all the texture maps the game requires such as metal/roughness or spec/roughness, a black and white diffuse map, emissive for the lights and the tintmask which is quite unique to warframe. Here you can find all the information you need about it :) https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?page=content-creator-art-style-guide
  3. I'm currently working on Owlberon and the heavy sword Suprema for the next round :) maybe something else!
  4. Oh you're just trying to make me blush now :D That's a good question though and the answer is balance and flow, that's definitely the hardest part on any design (for anything, not just warframe skins). It is complicated to also mix them with a themed idea (like most of my warframe designs are inspired by an animal of some kind) but there are ways to achieve it... i'll have to admit that most of the times i have to compromise and also redesign things a lot because it takes time to make everything compelling especially on a 3d artwork that has to look good on any direction ^^ (it's way harder to balance correctly) ... i'm aware i didn't explain anything btw XD design is very hard to express in words because it's a feeling and visual language
  5. Thank you for sharing your Valkyr with me and for buying Leonessa :) I really appreciate it!
  6. Oh i love black and white with golden accents :D good job !
  7. Actually it didn't make it through last tennogen round and we didn't submit the updated version this time cause it wasn't ready :) We have a Suprema V2 coming up for tennogen 19 and it's 2-3 times better ;)
  8. Nova is always one of the strongest ones but she dies pretty quickly so it's very hard to play at high level. Frost on the other hand is a brick house, and it gets insanely useful if you have some augment mods like Ice Wave Impedance which makes his nr 2 attack slow down everything that crosses it, if you want to play a little more actively than his bubble build like i do. But mostly people use Frost for his bubble, you just find a spot, place the bubble and keep it up and running so you can stay safe and cozy with your team while shooting everything that tries to break in from the inside XD You seem to like the action and stealth gameplay though so maybe he's not your thing cause he's much more defensive and supportive, but Nova can do both and it's a great pleasure to watch everything explode.... Oh right i also play Equinox a lot now that i think about it :D
  9. Yes! I've got two i always seem to go to and those are Nova and Frost :D
  10. I'll eventually work on mirage as well but i can't know why :)
  11. This might be a little technical but tennogen artist are not allowed to modify the actual ingame body of a warframe ^^ we can sculpt and paint anything we want but it all has to fit to the original body. Obviously this has a lot of limitations like not been allowed to add parts to the original body like a tail that wasn't there to begin with. Also we can only do skins for the original warframe body and not the deluxe ones so i cannot use Valkyr's Gersemini body... otherwise i would have done it for sure XD
  12. You're welcome :) i'm so glad you like it! Remember to share some screenshot when you get to wear it XD About your question, unfortunately i can't "add" parts to the warframe other than a helmet so a tail wouldn't be possible but that's the reason why i gave her a ponytail on the helmet ;)
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