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  1. Kind of a surprise attack 😄 Here's the Sonora Axe! I couldn't not do an Octavia Weapon....
  2. Oh yeah i've done both jobs, it actually depends on the team though. If it's a big company with departments separation that can happen for sure but for well managed teams i would assign a concept artist to a group of 3d artists when they don't have a specific task or they're done with the ad request and they're waiting for reviews... but that's definitely not standard practice ^^ it's just me being in charge of my company and a small dev team with insights from all the professions. Maybe you can suggest that to your AD 🙂 I'm sure every 3d artist would appreciate some help figuring out some parts on a concept that needs some clarification pretty much every day lol.
  3. Oh nice 🙂 Yeah 2 years seems about right if you consider concept art but i don't think in DE's case any 3d artist is working on something scheduled to be released so far ahead, maybe i'm wrong though cause they're definitely working on that war expansion for a long time now ^^
  4. Because they're working on new warframes every day, armor sets, syandanas, weapons, enemies, bosses, spaceships, and deluxe skins, prime skins and so on... Something that started as a passion project might not have the concepting and approval from higher ups needed to be pushed forward in favor of something else that takes priority in the next release schedule. Also the same artist who started it (i believe it's Kary Black) might be responsible for a lot of this stuff i've mentioned already and be very tired from all the hard work at the end of the day, leaving no room for artistic extra activities.
  5. By experience i can add to your discussion that it's very rare to have passion project like that one going on in the studio because it's exactly as time consuming as any other tasks you're paid for and it's for the same purpose so there's actually no way you will put extra time after work for free on something the studio pays you to do, or the other way around there's very little chance the studio will have an artist with so much free time to work on something extra that's not on schedule. So yeah it's started as a passion project maybe on a time in the warframe development where an artist would end up having some free time during work or one hour to kill before hitching a ride or something like that ^^ Usually passion projects in a studio look like zephyr flappy bird secret or frame fighter ^^ something fun and different from the main game work related tasks with no real burden behind it. So it's not surprising at all for me that a skin like that zephyr one never got finished if it wasn't really scheduled and developed with concepts and a deadline.
  6. No deluxe skin and also we can't modify the body shape of any warframe ^^ Also i already did a skin for some of those warframe mentioned like Saryn
  7. Be sure to follow me on twitter @HitsuSan_Design then 🙂 When i'm ready to begin a new warframe skin i'll make another poll and see what you guys request the most!
  8. The secret is to build a low polygon shell from an high polygon model because it's way faster to have and animate a low polygon model ingame (it's actually not possible to do so on an high polygon model). PLEASE: Do not try to do it with decimation or automatic tools, that's not what they are for and you will definitely end up with a subpar low poly model. There's no shortcut, low polygon models are part of your entire model and should be treated as seriously as the actual sculpt because they are the ones that would be holding your high poly information as the end product! Also to include in the retopology phase as a fundamental step is UV mapping
  9. Right, this is a faulty argument my friend, should we also avoid making them human shaped? Cause other warframes have that theme as well you know.... What about styles? We should avoid making tenno, corpus, grineer, sentinel, and infected skins as well? Those also exist in some form already. And so on until there's nothing we can do XD Also think about the other way around, if i make an Ivara Bunny themed skin is DE not allowed to make a Bunny warframe if the want? Of course they are! If you just don't like it cause it reminds you about oberon and you're not into it it's totally fine though 🙂 I respect that! If you have a more objective reason i'd like to hear it cause that helps me do a better job next time though!
  10. That's ok ^^ It's hard to please everyone with one thing even if i try my best!
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2149504902
  12. I am teasing but it's really done done, i just need to take cool screenshots and upload everything on the workshop 🙂 Stay tuned (couple of days max)
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