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  1. No no, you did well reporting it to me :) I'll have to take care of the request
  2. I'm going to submit a fix request about this :|
  3. XD Judging by the water i would call that the opposite of washing though...
  4. Aww you guys seems to be made for each other :D I wouldn't dare to kiss it though, when's the last time you've washed your warframe?
  5. I've got some ideas lol but i'm kinda working on someone else for now :P
  6. Hey happy birthday! Also happy endo of school? XD idk, i'm old Btw cool screenshot XD i hope you're happy with your purchase 🙂
  7. All i'm saying is your wallet should already feel lighter ...
  8. Take it as a suggestion... sharpen your kitty frame claws 🙂
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