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  1. I believe they just want to help and make the best product possible. Also the fact that the change seems very little is because i put 100% of my skills to make the changes they ask but also keep the same vibe and feel of my original idea :) It's super hard sometimes
  2. You c an buy them in the Warframe Market inside the game :) Look for Tennogen skins or write my name in the search bar and you'll find them !
  3. Hey thank you :) Yes i'm Italian, kinda, does Sardegna still count? Lol
  4. Most likely no ^^ my assistant weaponsmith Reil is going to be busy for a while cause he's starting a new job and i'm also working on another game right now so the little time i have is going to go 100% towards a warframe skin so no weapons and syandanas for the future :)
  5. That would be extremely difficult cause Wukong got a lot of blocky areas, he's not naturally organic so an organic skin might not work so well but i'll have to try before i can say no ;)
  6. I'm busy with some other games right now but when i get free i'll think about it, i was leaning towards another old warframe but maybe i'll ask you guys first next time cause i'm realizing most of the new warframe players don't use those as much ^^
  7. Thank you! :D Yeah he needed something different so i did my best :)
  8. Hello space ninjas! It's been almost 3 years so.... everything you're looking for it's in my workshop! https://steamcommunity.com/id/hitsusan/myworkshopfiles/?appid=230410 Let's get back to fashion frame shall we?
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