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  1. There you go, you can find all you need here :) https://www.warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php
  2. You sound totally reasonable and relaxed to me ^^ don't worry about it. Now i get it! I thought you were talking about all the fancy effects but you actually were talking about the shape of the head per se. But yeah maybe that could work for Frost, i'm never sure about this kind of stuff until i actually make them. I'm afraid though the idea is going onto the pile of very good ideas you guys gave me all the time and i don't have time to actually turn into reality cause i'm constantly swamped with work (and probably really overworked lately). I promise if i ever going to make another skin for F
  3. Not really, there's a problem with that! Energy can clip inside the body and still look good and natural, but if you make him ice hair and the hair goes inside his body everytime the warframe turns his head it's going to look super ugly and bugged.
  4. Ah yes, it needs some tweaking here, nothing that's going to alter the theme too much. I'm focused on finishing Revenant right now but i definitely have the time to publish both of them by the next tennogen round ;)
  5. Haha tnx :) Yeah i suppose you could do something similar for Frost but i'm not sure it'll be fine for DE since Frost doesn't have all that energy plumes going on like Revenant. It might very much be that you could do this kind of helmet only for Revenant. Yeah he's got a bit too much noise going on rather than design in his body ^^ I'm trying to fix that particular problem, he's going to look Good XD
  6. It's been a while, this was a concept i did two weeks ago for Revenant :) I'm almost done sculpting now!
  7. Unfortunately it seems like some kind of shader-material bug on DE's side or it could even be on your client (it seems very weird but it happened once before!), we would need to wait DE's response and if there's anything i can do i will jump on it asap :) Sorry for the inconvenience!
  8. You need to learn how to make a 3d model from start to finish first then. When you try to look for a shortcut before even knowing the basics you're setting yourself up for frustration and failure my friend... It's by no means an easy task.
  9. Meh, age doesn't mean you can't be young 😛 We are not that far apart though...
  10. Are you mocking me cause i'm old and i don't know what the kids like in warframe nowdays? XD
  11. They didn't sent feedback yet 🙂 I'll be on top of it as soon as they'll let me know though. I don't know about the new stuff ^^ I'll check once i'm not so busy!
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