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  1. -Gata-

    New Contest: Tenno Egg-spression!

    Hopefully my entry doesn't violate any resolution limits if any. Good luck to future entries!
  2. -Gata-

    New Contest: A Full Warframe House

    I think the decks need to be in physical and not digital form..
  3. -Gata-

    New Contest: No Stamps Required

  4. -Gata-

    New: Codex Art Contest 2.0

    Prime ascension.
  5. -Gata-

    New: Codex Art Contest 2.0

    Can I submit an artwork that's not drawn? Like, On photoshop or something?
  6. Would've joined, But they didn't allow the Redeemer... Why?
  7. -Gata-

    Hotfix 13.7.2

    tbh Nyx's absorb was dealing damages in the millions due to magnetic usage. It's probably for game-balancing to provide us challenge Without hiring a Nyx to faceroll entire waves
  8. -Gata-

    New Contest: Codex Art Refresh

    IGN's located below!
  9. -Gata-

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for being untrusty
  10. -Gata-

    Forum Game (Ban The User Above You)

    Banned for jesus
  11. -Gata-

    Thank You For Watching Prime Time #31!

    Best prime time ever! I'd look to play with you guys in a game! :D Looking forward to the next episode.
  12. -Gata-

    Last Post Wins

    I win huehuehuehue
  13. -Gata-

    Last Post Wins

    HAH I WINNNNNNNN For today, that is.