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  1. And you will certainly compensate those, that have purchased the old bundle?
  2. Whatever you are going to present me, hopefully will compensate the S#&$ you did to my eyes, hearth and timetable with your so called high dpi blablabla stuff. I am only accepting either DEMegan or DESteve topless as a recuperation! Will also consider DEScott. 🙂
  3. This worked for me too, but is only a temporary fix, since my windows desktop icons, text etc. all became too small 🙂
  4. Don't know about the other weapons FX, but the new Arca Plasmor FX is ruining my gameplay experience. When the explosive FX activates close to my frame it fills the screen with stupidly high amount of particles and blinds me. When far down the range it is generally fine. I think that all the Arca Plasmor needed was a sound FX change. It is really sad since this is one my my favorite weapons.
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