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  1. Hi, a kind reminder, would problems like this will ever be fixed? Take a look at the thread please.
  2. Not only skins but, textures in the maps themselfs, in the orbiter too, they look like they are missing some parts or they are very low res and alot of other problems with them like black dots, white parts. low quality metalics, colors not matching materials etc etc...... So my question for the devstream is : Are you going to adress this and how? I will give you two suggestions, revert the bad textures or try to fix them, or maybe you have some more options at your disposal.
  3. https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html the official warframe drops from the devs themselfs, there you go young tenno :)
  4. thanks but can you take a look at this thread and fix your textures game is practicly plagued by it
  5. So i guess not only the old stuff is affected by this, Sevagoth gets hit too check his textures with darker colors, damn DE what's happening did u sacrificed your quality for "less" quantity(overall size of the game) ? Where is the guy in charge of textures/graphics show him this thread !!!! This is trully disappointing cuz it's hitting vanila stuff and paid for items (skins). Keep this up (aswel as other negative things you keep ignoring) and you will loose players, i guess it's true what "someone" said "this game is not for veterans" . You won't see a dime f
  6. All of them are getting a little taste of the "beta testing" been done on us PC players, why i say this? Because the update 30 alone is just that update 30 no hotfixes for anyone unlike railjack retrofit which is also a part update 30, but the actual extra stuff after (sevagoth quest and the other new stuff for pc players they got it like us without any hotfixes unlike how they got their content in the past the update plus the hotfixes) So yea. they are just starting to get a little ideea of what we have been trough >:)))
  7. Bump again, imagine new players seeing these ugly textures on warframes, they can't do nothing about it, only buying some custom skins (tennogen or some deluxe skins even those are not spared from the "great uglyness" ) game is taking a big hit DE. Another example would be Ash Ryuga skin with the deepest black all over it looks grey, not even a metalic grey but an ugly plastic grey, i would understand if it was a super reflective metalic surface but it looks like bad plastic , grey plastic when it should be a metalic black at least.
  8. bump, all these textures still needs fixing. looking @ you DE
  9. I also have this bug can't find any fallen mechs, searched the whole map, tried the mission 3 times, 3 times no mechs, my operator is not geared and i don't like the operator gameplay, this is a PROGRESSION BREAKING BUG , pls fix it ASAP i don't want to farm for a necramech either not my playstyle i had put up with it cuz of the arcanes in that event and it's easier than eidolons, but i should not be locked out of content cuz of this bug, i like railjack and it's gameplay
  10. It is a good day to die, some of the old time gamers will remember this. ( cheat code of an old game ) Today we get an ultra mega enormous update and the cherry on top Zack Snyder's Justice League ( not trying to start a Marvel vs DC war i like them both universes)
  11. I think this has been asked, can i still get the reward if i login to twitch from my mobile?
  12. so more than half an year and and still problem with inability to hack consoles didn't get fixed...... how about u (DE) undo the fix for the rift sigil cuz u broke my fashion frame and most certainly for other ppl aswel that we paid for it , i could do this and some other similar stuff but no longer.......
  13. This bug applies to all the skins too for Sepfahn , imagine all the fashion that gets ruined and we paid for it, but at this point i have lost my faith that the devs will do anything about it to fix it once and for all.... sure they tried....but i wish they would try harder since we put money into fashion.
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