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  1. Please update us on the release date for Hard Mode. Thanks for the RJ update but some of us just want hard mode and dont really care about RJ.
  2. Mate!!! DE is like that now. They will roll it out in spite of the concerns. Then they will ignore the forums until the game is on life support again. Then rinse and repeat.
  3. More promises to make and break huh? At least you're consistent. I'll give you that. What happened to Stalker game mode? What happened to integrating Kuva Liches in the RJ system? New War was scheduled for release last year. Raids were not supposed to be gone for more than a year and its been years now. New player cinematic? Plains of Divuri was also scheduled for last year. Great PR stunting DE. You are simply the best. Keep it up and soon you wont have to anymore.
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