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  1. If you have scan everything in Warframe then Helios just become another normal sentinel. They could use a mod that let him scan automatically anything that is 5 meters away from the Warframe. That way you still have something to search for. Or a mod that would only scan plant.
  2. Took me around maybe 50 run or so of derelict exterminate to have dropped. Took my time around 1 month. It will drop, the funny part is i got another blueprint drop last week and i was not looking for it and if i count the number of time i did my derelict vault run, took less time then 50 times.
  3. Yes i have heard, they used to get the fish out of the water, but way back in time someone saw that for another use.
  4. I do agree with you, this one fit more Excal.
  5. Yes but i will not be pushing like i'm doing at the moment. After MR16 i will get higher mr but will not be my top priority.
  6. Don't try to explain to that person, it does that in other thread too, even if you give him the right infos, still going to argue.
  7. Samething, PC no Drop. I have been playing almost for a year and i cannot understand how in the world they cannot fix the drop with twich or mixer. Oh wait i can, since some bugs are in the game for so long.
  8. That is the reason i push for MR16 and after that i will not be pushing for higher MR.
  9. I did read your post 100%, but next time i will just read your title. Maybe we don't have the same definition for both words, but hey its life. Congrats.
  10. The Proton Pulse did not got nerfed, the mod got a fixe for bug was not supposed to do. Nerf is something they do when something working as it supposed to is doing to much of what it is supposed to do.
  11. That would be another check box that i would be happy to see.
  12. I am amazed how some people get the answer to a question but still argue about it. Forum are not the place for account relates stuff. The best is support. Like it was said by Dhrekr.
  13. Blindness to the thread created before or the joy of creating own thread??
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