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  1. I kept playing Warframe because it was the style of the game that i like about it, shooter, looter and low RNG. They removed alerts and change it to nightwave, i got acustomed to it and did what i could. Now they added the lich system and Railjack, but that doesn't appeal to me much, i don't mind grinding but when, for myself, i find that grinding something that supposed to be rewarding and it is not, it is a downside plus they added RNG on top of RNG. So now, i stop playing. I know that i can take breaks and its not an obligation to play but for me Warframe lost its appeal.
  2. At the moment i play Banshee in Sanctuary Onslaught with others of course. Banshee is a support frame, a) I use her first when it is needed to push the enemy they don't shoot back when they are pushed b) I use her second if they are alot of enemies spawning (i used it when i want and more often in solor mission) c) I user her Third all the time (enemy cannot shoot for some second and that is what is needed to kill them of with a good weapon) d) i use her fourth when i am full of energy (the enemy doesn't shoot and the rest of the team does the killing) Banshee is a support frame, she do not have alot of armor but her passive and other abilities, well use make her very good. I'm still missing any augment for her but working on it and wish i could get the prime version.
  3. Amazing, I was in a Railjack mission, when the update arrived. I need to stay mission, wait for the update and then i can exit. But not in Railjack, i had to go back to the Dojo but the system told me that i couldn't start another mission, i had to update. So i just aborted, thank you for that.
  4. Yes it is. If Pablo was a regular intern at DE and he had no effect of the game, what he said would be taken with a grain of salt. But, Because of the position he hold at DE, saying things like he did on his personal stream will have a feedback, good or bad. Pablo as a DE employee, working on Warframe, because of the position he hold should never say out in the open that a Warframe should be nerf or anything in the game. Because now at the very moment, he his not nerfing her but the community knows its on the radar. Talk like that, because of Pablo position at DE, should be only spoken on the DE dev stream or DE related content. Even if you are not using DE on your stream and using only your name, you are still a DE employee and you have to watch what you say, even if you show a disclamer. I work for a law firm and i saw people losing job for action like he did.
  5. Got the same mission type, 3 in a row and got stuck on 2 occasion near the trap and the third one decided to do a 180 just before the trap and got stuck. Fortuna Bounties are now on my shelf collecting dust.
  6. Its not, you might see it like this but when you take out the comfortable zone and ask to do something else, most peoples are not comfortable to get out of the comfortable zone. I saw that doing computer support and change in softwares and in daily lives. in the end i could call youre "Nope" as lazy as my argument. But you know, its saturday and i miss some sleep overated hours.
  7. thanks for the update and the Tennogen stuff. Amazing artist in the community.
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