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  1. I tried to log into the game but I get the "check your info" message. Tried a different computer, there I'm told that I will receive a 2FA code but I never got one. Anyone experiencing something similar ?
  2. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  3. Passive: Due to the fact that is broken, this warframe cannot withstand the void power of the operator thus becoming unstable over time. A meter will fill up while the operator is using the warframe, which will contribute to later abilities. The meter will decrease while the operator is transferred out (the warframe is plugged out, so to speak). 1st ability: The "orokin tree" veins that hold the warframe parts together can extend, allowing the warframe to punch an enemy at a distance if you tap 1 or bring an enemy closer if you hold 1 on a target. 2nd ability: This is an energy drain over time ability. Energy waves will erupt randomly out of the warframe having the shape of the sun's coronal loops, of irregular amplitude and dealing damage directly proportional with the value of the meter described in the passive ability. 3rd ability: If the meter reached its maximum, the player can choose to activate the 3rd ability to reset it or can opt to let it over-saturate for the 4th ability. The 3rd ability will use all that unstable energy to grow out the orokin tree veins exponentially, increasing the size of the warframe to that of a Teralyst for a certain amount of time,allowing for some devastating no weapons equipped exalted melee attacks . (I'll let you figure out how this will function in tight spaces 😛) 4th ability: This would be the first "involuntary" ability in Warframe. This ability will go off no matter what if the meter gets saturated. The warframe will explode, instantly killing every enemy on a radius, leaving only a core and the operator behind. Following this explosion the warframe parts will be scattered through out the map (marked). To reuse the warframe the player using the operator, with the help of the squad or solo, will have to gather the parts and bring them back to the core to revive the "Broken Warframe".
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