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  1. I already took a long break, I only recently tried to come back. Just some type of guide or tip from active players, maybe I'll find the game interesting again. Right now I am just bored and overwhelmed by content I feel I am unable to reach. Not without bore me to death trying to reach it. For example: I don't mind playing a lot for obtaining things. But repeating the same mission 10-12 times because RNG is against me is just frustrating. I would really prefer a less frequent WFs output but an actual story in order to get them, like: 10-12 different chained missions i
  2. I have had the same account for years, literally since the main trailer had female Excaliburs, but now I am literally at loss. I tell myself everyday "Let's just play randomly, just join a random mission for some brainless fun". But I can't. Every time I have to choose among a lot of different types of mission and I end up telling myself "Ok, then what do I bring? Do I use the same WFs? Is it a defense? Then Mesa? Frost? Nova? Saryn? What if I want to use, I don't know, Nidus? Let's take Nidus." And I end up with another Nidus in team which sucks. Basically I am ranting now beca
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