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  1. Yes, thank you for stealth-nerfing exodia contagion... again... But hey since you seem to suddenly remember its existence, could you please fix the awkward delay before the projectile fires that was unintentionally added years ago? Especially since you said many times before that you care deeply about the game's animations. Unless of course that was also another stealth-nerf. Also I find it sad that in an update centered around encouraging people to use guns alongside melee more often, you'd nerf the build that was the closest to achieving just that... Long gone are the days of incorporating players' creativity in the game.
  2. TYPE: In-gameDESCRIPTION: Additional jumps from [Aerial Ace] no longer refresh [Exodia Contagion]. REPRODUCTION: Trying to launch more than one projectile from [Exodia Contagion] after having refreshed your double jump with [Aerial Ace].EXPECTED RESULT: A new charge of [Exodia Contagion] should be available after each new jump. OBSERVED RESULT: The charge isn't refreshed.REPRODUCTION RATE: Happens 100% of the time. Also while on the subject, I don't have much hope of this getting fixed since it's been years but it's worth a shot, [exodia contagion] went from firing instantly to taking a second to fire, and the change has never been documented anywhere. Here's how fast it used to be like for reference, compare that to how it is in-game now.
  3. Very small issue as described in the title. This is what they're supposed to look like. And this is what they look like in-game, with the plastic-like texture of the base skin, and looking nothing like what they're supposed to.
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