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  1. Lol, I don't know what you are talking about at all but this part made me laugh. Good one.
  2. Indeed. I had players asking me how I was able to do so much damage with nova. Combine with the Tigris for exemple, it's a killer ability. Not many players seems to play her at her best potential. You will get both at some point but nova is more interesting to play. Mesa is cool but has a very basic gameplay.
  3. Scarlet Spear was a test platform. They are obviously working on a solution to improve MM. There was no such option for the ground squad, it was the usual MM feature. They take less risks to test new features in the railjack island than screwing the whole game with a tech they are obviously still trying to get right. And yes, this is another proof that they want to improve the MM system. I prefer to see them being cautious. The current system is not perfect but at least it is working. Messing with it would make the entire game unplayable, just imagine.
  4. Are we sure that the general playerbase see balance in warframe the same way as Steve sees it? In other words, did they answered the question Steve asked them or did they replied to the general definition of how played perceive balance in other games? When the game was never intended to be balanced since the very begining, what this question exactly mean? When you read these forums, it is confusing a bit more every day to understand what balance means for the community. It's going all over the place. Then you combine that with the vision of difficulty and challenge and, to me at least, it is clear that despite the fact that this game has a very strong identity, every player had it's own way to define warframe. When you play Wow, Doom or any other game listed in these forums, you know exactly what game you are playing. Warframe might be the only game I have played that is defined by the players themself in the way they play it. Beside, not enough members of this community are taking the time to listen to DE to understand how they see the game. Most of the time the topics on these forums seems to be so out of touch with what DE say about their own game. So. How can they use the results of a survey when, obviously, not every one replied to the same question? I might be out of topic, sorry bout that.
  5. Yes, I get that. My point is that higher enemy level is something that can be enough for players who don't want to have to deal with more mechanics. Not every one is asking for more complex missions. Your ideas are cool but should or could be tied to a nightmare mode without altering the game. There are players who could want a different experience from day to day too. It should remain a choice.
  6. Just a simple question. Don't you think that it could turn warframe into something that some players might not like? This is far from what we have now. Why can't this just be the nightmare modes of the new difficulty? They could add 2 or 3 more nightmare nodes per planet and still let players play warframe as they like even in harder difficulty.
  7. Everyone has to login to play. Not everyone is playing nightwave once logged. No, bad idea.
  8. Because Pablo did not explain that it is a possibility they are exploring. He simply explained why this is a path that DE will not follow. This is not an option. He's not telling us that this is what we have to expect for the futur if the game. DE want this game to be a power fantasy game. The part when he say that to have a balanced game, the game must be developed around this concept, is important. DE knows that warframe is not a balanced game because they never had the intention to make such a game. The AI path is not an option.
  9. Your title is misleading. A lot of people in this thread did not watch the video, obviously, and some others did not read your OP till the end, obviously. And this is where your point is clearly made. This thread is no different than all the others we have already. Once again people simply put their ideas one after the other without taking DE's point of view and vision into account and do not consider warframe and it's identity but they just align a bunch of comparison with totaly different games. Again, players are asking to change warframe into what DE don't want it to be. They are asking for changes that are simply not possible or ask to implement what we already have in many other games to make warframe another generic game. This prove at least one thing. The players are the one who don't listen to DE and are out of touch with the game and DE, not the other way around.
  10. Do you remember that it has been nerfed few times? The first iteration was totaly different from what it is now. Enemies level and scalling made this mode an interesting challenge. Now we have an interesting game mode. Another content nerfed because of the usual complains.
  11. At the beginning of the last tennocon, Steve started by saying that he did not want to introduce a new open world on every tennocon so instead they were about to show something else. Something like that. Which means to me that they are working on a new open world and more than likely an infested one. No duviri paradox this year, still 2/3 of the year left and no announcement for a futur update this year after Deadlock Protocol. Don't miss the next tennocon.
  12. We are not playing the same game.
  13. You or most of us is not every players playing this game. What you take as exemple is content of the game. So, DE use the content they have, they are not looking at your account to select nightwave tasks and will not make individual nightwave tasks neither. I can do every single challenge DE will throw at me and it doesn't matter if I already played that content dozens of times. It's a choice! And if I don't want to do it, I move on. I don't feel the need to post my state of mind and blame DE for MY lack of will to engage with any type of content. This game is made for everyone, it is a mistake to look at it from your own perspective only or even from the perspective of a part of the community that could share your point of view. You can dislike whatever you want, of course, but it doesn't mean that you have to found someone to blame or criticize. And this is where players attitude is questionable.
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