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  1. I think of Warframes like weapons, or mass produced units. The Orokin can create a prototype for them, which is the original one, but in my headcannon they can just mass produce them via blueprints. Wouldn't make sense to create a unique weapon, have it be successful, and not try to replicate it. The umbra quest kinda shows this too: We saw Excalibur umbra destroyed, yet we were able to recreate it with its memories intact, but that's not the original Umbra. I don't see why the orokin couldn't mass produce frames like factories mass produce weapons, shoes, computer parts etc.
  2. So I have been unable to get out of archwing once i equip it within open worlds. I can't use gearwheel, the keybind (F3) doesn't unequip it anymore for me, looking down+melee doesn't do it, neither does x. Guild and alliance chat says it works fine for them, but I have been unable to get it to work properly, even rebound the buttosn and nothing. It has been broken since latest mainlien update. The only way i can get out of AW right now is if i get shot down on purpose or if u use the keybind (F2 for me) to equip the K-drive.
  3. It just crossed my mind, but Saryn Prime is mastery 0. Equinox prime is 5, and Mesa prime is 2. While Saryn prime is a bit harder to get, I noticed myself getting several equi and mesa sets and pieces just by playing. They go for as little as 40 on the market, which indicates that they are indeed easy to farm. Saryn sets are not too expensive either, being under 100. Their non-prime counterparts were tied to some bossfights that are later in game, had a unique double-the-parts mechanic, and for Mesa you had to grind keys to get to the boss to maybe get the parts. If a player gets one of these 3 frames, that's endgame reached without too much of a forma or mod investment. That's why it made sense that it was a bit harder to farm them, or it was towards the end of starchart. Now one can get their better versions much easier, at such a low mastery rank that one questions why is mastery even a thing. Some weapons are locked behind as far as mastery 14, yet most prime frames are mastery 0, some at 2-4, with a few at mr 6, and two at mr 8. It's weird that after a week of playing one could obtain such a gear that would easily carry them through most content.
  4. They just did this. Wow. This sounds really freacking good for crit melees, I will have to test it out.
  5. Since that gladiator bugfix i have been using nikana prime, it's quite alright for lower end stuff.
  6. An overall rebalance is 100% of what they are doing, and it's much needed. What I find a huge issue with is that we have been promised melee 3.0 for 2+ years now and it's only 2/3rds of the way here. Other aspects like guns, warframe powers, survivability (or lack there of), armor scaling, infinite enemy scaling, nullies, feast or famine energy playstyles (thanks to how taking away energy works), will all need to be addressed to have a coherent system. Given the pace of things, what we will have for the next 5-10 years is probably going to be a huge mixed bag of few but larger content drops and old stuff being made worse before addressing the other side of things. What I mentioned above about build flexibility is still a huge issue one way or another, and not even being to reach above 1st tier of redcrits with the very best of crit melees just makes me question why have multipel red tiers exist in the first place. Also, before if something wasn't a good crit weapon for blood rush (20's or below) you could make it perform well enough, now you can't. Now CO is an even bigger must pick, while also being worse. I don't see any value given, just flexibility taken.
  7. It'd be easy to balance for exploits, just put it on an unskippable timer after lich deletion, that you can't get a next lich for x time. (hours, days, week or whatever floats DE's boat)
  8. Did you even read the post at all? I don't care about what he took, I don't carte about fighting it, I don't need the weapons, I just don't want to play Lich content whatsoever. That's why I want it deletable, to not have to play all those missions just to not have him exist. So in short I am well aware of all its mechanics, how it gives stuff back, I just don't want to play it at all, but the way it is I am stuck having to clear those planets that I don't even want to play.
  9. I ""made"" my Lich while I was going through a normal mission, before making one was optional. After that I was doing a sortie and the boss appeared, died super fast and I accidentally hit x thinking it was just a thrall. Now it has influence over several planets. >.< I don't care about this system whatsoever, I hate it in fact. I'd have to run dozens of missions just to clear those planets, then run the sortie/invasion/etc missions on them to not get my stuff stolen. Imho it's a terrible design that I am forced into playing this """content""" I had no intention of participating in. (not without the Railjack update) This is just reskinned/re-stat'd weapons that we get for several hours of relic, planet, boss, and guessing game grind. Again, rng locked behind rng locked behind rng. The bosses as I saw from other youtubers are not even a challenge, and the rewards are not worth it for me as I'm like 3 weapons away from mr 25 which is already more mr that I will ever need. Whenever I log on I can just do the sortie and log off, (plus the nw at the end of each week) and that's how I can avoid oversaturation, but if I also have to clear planets to not get my rewards stolen, then I can get bored pretty fast. Being forced into playing more feels like stuffing more food in my mouth after I am already full. If they can be completely deleted then my bad, but I don't think it's an option. I would be 100% fine it keeping that few 100 creds and poly bundle it stole, just make it go away 'cos i don't want to play this game as much as the game wants me to play it anymore. I had my share of grinding for the past 14 months already. 😞
  10. Except they do. The entire current system is built around being able to kill much higher enemies than that, intended or not. Design takes time, that's a far point, but if you change something to work a certain way you want to while still having the content that the old system relied on available only means that you are screwed until they redesign said content as well. Progress is slow regardless of what a couple of us say or do, it is pretty clear that they go after their own ideas and don't consult people as much as they used to. Do you really think allowing them to take this much time is a valid argument? Doing one weapon type at a time for years and then possibly the enemies, and then maybe the missions will take them forever, and with every step they will just make it more and more broken until the puzzle pieces fall into place. This could be good in a world where they pull it off in a year or two, but they won't, it's obvious from their track record how slow they achieve things. Except the level ranges are still all over the place. Then see my point again about not providing any content in place of that while taking away a tool of endurance runs. I was referring to all two handed sword types vs the range of one handed swords being out of balance from a design standpoint. As you said, WF is not rooted in reality so ranges should be buffed considering the huge hit they took. I don't think range mods having both a fixed and a percentage buff is unrealistic, it could solve the issue quite well. There isn't a single scenario in the game where you'd want flat damage instead of CO or BR. Weak enemies die regardless of how much burst you have initially, and higher ones require you to run said two mods. Yes, it is a clear loss in value. Thanks to how both co and br count right now, your hands are a lot more tied than before. There are no two ways about it now, because noone will want a PP and a sac. steel setup when they will eventually fall off in comparison to the other two mod options.
  11. Yes because removing the scaling of melee completely in a game where enemies scale to infinity is the logical step to do, not working the enemies and the dmg system together. Even melee took them 2 years so far and it isn't over yet. With this tempo it would take another 7 years of warframe at least to have a new, not broken system. Noone seems to remember how much we had to collect mods, grind for endo and weapon parts, resources and perfect our builds with formas. Making it absolutely impossible to do a playstyle that was previously all some people had to do in this game at the end while not providing anything else to do in long-term is not an intelligent way to go about it. Wasn't talking about whips at all, but the fact that a TWO HANDED melee with much slower attack speed is only like 0.4 longer than a one handed nikana is ridiculous. Yes, DE did something about mandatory melee mods. Guess what, they still are mandatory. BR not scaling like it used to makes flat crit% mods a compelte waste of space now, while CO making PP useless and making BR and CO even more mandatory. We didn't get anything, we had stuff taken away because "muh balance". Melee builds became simplified/dumber without value gained.
  12. The rework didn't address the issue with pressure point all that much, and that was an even bigger must pick. In every build you are locked into having to pick a damage mod, because that's how it works rn. CO being a flat upgrade to it right now defeats the purpose of the rework anyway. Maybe adding a utility to the damage pp provides could be a good start.
  13. You are welcome to throw up a solution then to infinite powercreep instead of giving a blank response of no -s. Maybe it is fine this way, at least this would make pressure point not a must pick in every build.
  14. Ever since the rework hit live I have been using/testing it, and I can say that I am really disappointed. It has solved the issue of lower tiers being too easy for sure, but anyone who wants to go higher (high level arbis or long survivals) has been hit really hard in the guts. I have been a melee user ever since I started playing, and it always felt fun because you were so close to the action, you are risking your own health, you have limited range compared to guns, and it overall feels more thrilling and badass to slash/dump something with a melee weapon, especially with this awesome parkour system we have. You always had to sacrifice something to make your melees really good, f.e. to run naramon to keep the counter up, to use specific frames, equip mods on your frames that improve melee, to use mod sets on your sentinel that make melee better instead of mods that make the companion better. With all the risks of melee came some rewards, but I feel like the risk/reward is now not worth it to play melee over guns anymore. I thought of several changes that could work, so i'd like to share my ideas instead of repeating what's wrong with them that many others before me did say so correctly before. Blood rush: Let it count with overall crit chance again, not just the base one. This will make builds more flexible, and will not lock you into only certain weapons being able to redcrit. It would also allow for good crit weapons to shine again with hitting above 1st tier of reds. Do not change the 60% per coutner on it, or how combo coutner works. Let it remain at 12 max, however, make it so that you need several hits for it to go above a certain treshhold. Let's say you cap it at 4 for x number of hits, 6 at more hits, then above 8 you'd need like 5 or more hits on a single target for each tick to rise. This way it'd perform the same in normal missions, because you'd kill targets faster than it would take you to reach above a certain combo counter treshold, so in low levels you could not reach insanely broken heights in dmg. This would allow you to build it higher in levels where enemies have more health, die slower, have mroe resistances and so on. In other words, it would scale, just like enemies. Condition overload: You don't revert the 120%, you also keep how it counts as primed pressure point now, but you don't cap it at 3. Since you would kill any normal level enemy before you can add those 3 procs to it, it is automatically balanced. If an enemy has more health, then you need to hit it several times more or bring frames/primaries into the mix, which adds variety to gameplay and a little bit more skill on the players' part. However, if you think this is still insane, I suggest making it diminishing in return. Let's say the first 3 hits are 120% dmg buffs like now, and it keeps lowering by like 10% or 20% after each status type. So you would have 3x 120%, then 100%, 80%, 60%, etc. (Just random numbers for example) So enemies would still be more exponentially difficult than your weapons' scaling, but it wouldn't make you completely useless if you are a melee user in high level content. Memeing Strike: Just let it die, thanks. Reach/Primed Reach/Range: You revert it completely, awful idea since it made longer weapons absolute trash, and the new ranges of the short weapons are now almost as long as 2 handed ones, which makes no sense. Instead, here's how you balance one handed/light weaponry: Every dagger, one handed sword and small weps in general will now give your warframe an x amount of boost in movement speed, let's say 25% for reference, since that seems like a common number in this game. Maybe add a small melee speedboost as well when using small melee. Since these weapons are shorter, a small extra boost in movement speed makes it faster to reach enemies, thus providing a counter to how short they are. (It also makes logical sense that you move faster with smaller stuff, but that's not that relevant since this game isn't that logical in the first place.) What not to do: Do not hinder longer/heavier weapons with move penatlies if you were to do this, let the base move speed be the reference for heavy ones, and make lighter ones give you speedboosts in reference to current movement speed. First Edit: You could also make range mods give a fixed amount of range like right now, and on top of that a percentage as well. This would favor longer weapons and lower ranged ones equally well if numbers are well balanced. Elemental dmg types: Let each subsequent trigger of a single element type evolve its effect, f.e. heat starts at 40% armor red but gets slowly increased to like 60% or 70% if you proc it more times, or increase the duration of it. Another example, let slash sligthly increase its own duration and/or bleed dmg the more slash procs you have. Make impact break bones and instead of what we have now, they could make enemies move a slightly bit slower (broken bones) or something along those lines. Make puncture rise in its dmg redu effect the more it procs. You get the idea, i don't wanna write one for each dmg type. These are my thoughts for now, might still adjust them if I think more about it. The point is, melee right now is in a really bad spot, I know you guys worked hard on it but these changes really don't do melee players justice.
  15. Anyway guys, this melee """rework""" was a really good Halloween prank. We are turning it back after Halloween is over, right? Right?
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