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  1. I want this for so many months... DE pls do it
  2. Apparently replacing +90% Cold with +90% Electricity fixes the "bug". Corrosive = No Bug Viral, Radiation, Gas, Blast, Magnetic = Bug Can confirm negative puncture = bad Negative puncture + corrosive = good Negative puncture + any other elemental combo = bad Well nope, only fixes the Bug for "Corrupted heavy gunners" Bombards still get healed. A Radiation Combo fixes it for the bombards, looks like the matching elemental combo is a temporal fix until you have kill diffrent enemy types...
  3. YES they actually DO get healed by my #1 ability. Tested like you suggested. Furthermore i discovered, that my "normal" weapon build does not cause the bug. Only putting the Riven on the weapon triggers the bug. Pairing the Riven with +120% and +90% Puncture Mods negates the bug. I keep messing around with it, because i want to know what the heck is going on. https://imgur.com/a/TqKERSl
  4. So i got a pretty decent Riven-Roll on my Dual Keres and i thought it would make a great stat stick... https://imgur.com/a/CzxSV9g Until i started dealing negative shield(???) damage to enemies who dont even have shields ... https://imgur.com/a/oEnp0Bz Talking about Khoras #1 ability of course This weird thing only happens to some specific armored units, so far i had no problems against any Corpus or Infested enemies. I have -130,xx% Puncture on my Stat Stick Riven and the blue numbers start appearing at level 131 Corrupted Heavy Gunners (For example) I've talked to Bast50 and BackyardisTV about this and both told me to make a forum post, since everyone i talked to says it has to be a bug. Wiki says: Damage is distributed evenly between Impact, Puncture, and Slash. DE pls fix? Does anyone have an idea whats going on?
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