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  1. Hello :) that sounds really good to me! I am going to talk to my friends and add you on Discord as soon as they reply to me.
  2. Thank you for the offer, but a mountain-size clan ist way too big for us.
  3. Hello, we are 3 friends searching for a new international (Shadow- or Storm-) clan. We want to be part of an active but relaxed clan without any special commitments. We are looking for players to share the endless grinding in warframe or useless things in other games with us, while sitting in a voicechannel on Discord and talking about stupid stuff. We dont want a little dictator as leader, we had one and let me tell you we cannot endure this stuff again. Hardfacts: Casual players Ingame: SuccubixX, felixs1993 (yeah, that will change some day...), Asoritan
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