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  1. Yes. How tragic. Truly, you were misled and cheated. How dare DE not explain how the Celestia Syandana works, right there in the item description. How dare DE not also warn you again in the purchase screen. How dare DE go so far as to conceal the information from the wiki. What a gyp, indeed.
  2. I presume you mean a MOBA mode, and not just a map. This is not the kind of game that Conclave is, or even the kind of game that Warframe is in general. You may as well ask for DotA to introduce a new third-person shooter mode.
  3. Full Simulor bubbles used to have a very well-defined area that was visually similar to an energizing dash (Zenurik) bubble. Afaict, this was changed (unlisted) some months ago, for no apparent reason. ... but you didn't even give a comparison between single shots and bubbles. Here is how it actually looks: The distinction is pretty clear on... "medium" settings, and 100 effects intensity. That being said, I can definitely see how the border would be unclear on toaster settings. Just another example of inconsistent VFX across different settings influencing balance (invisibility, black energy (fixed), Rime Vault, Ignis flames).
  4. Yeah, I'm afraid I'll need a little more convincing than your brusque assertion that "PVP hmmm doesn't work". I would like to trust in your experience and credibility... but you have none. Maybe you should spend more than 5 minutes playing a game mode that is very different from PvE before you post a rework thread. Maybe you should spend more than 2 minutes writing the rework thread itself, too.
  5. Ideally, with constructive feedback and discussion. Disclaimer for consoles: Snipers in general haven't been well-balanced since the Rubico and Snipetron Vandal had 1.5 fire rate and respectively 2-shotted mediums and lights. Today, the Snipetron in particular is busted, capable of two-shotting any frame short of Rhino Prime (not counting Inaros, who is tankier on paper but still dies to 2 shots). There are only four frames who can naturally survive two shots. Every other frame dies in half a second. Large AoE is fundamental to the Staticor's identity, and easy to play around given the slow projectile speed incurred by use of Heavy Warhead. However, counterplay becomes far less viable when you consider the fact that the explosion totally ignores LoS restrictions and hits players through walls. Pretty much all other AoE weapons respect LoS restrictions; the Staticor should as well. A smaller issue: the Staticor's magazine capacity. It's the same as in PvE, 48. Most other weapons with relatively large PvE magazines have had their capacities reduced for Conclave. The Staticor can fire 8-9 fully charged shots after factoring in the cost for holding max charge. Considering that it takes maybe 4-5 shots to kill the average frame, and that the reload time is fairly short anyways, it's just too lenient. The Staticor's magazine capacity should be halved, or even quartered. Finally, and this is common to all sources of electric damage, the Staticor can deal electric chain damage. The percentage dealt isn't visible in the arsenal, nor is the percentage standard across different electric weapons. Electric damage isn't particularly strong (actually weaker than balanced physical damage), and the Staticor's proc damage isn't overwhelming (guessing 10-25%), but hiding this inconsistent information isn't helping anyone out. Huh. Looks like I forgot the secret seventh category on The Wheel of Conclave "Feedback":
  6. So, the main point appears to be something about not liking Oro mechanics. My favorite part is when he says "Become dumplings and meet each other".
  7. Come one, come all, and spin the Wheel of Conclave "Feedback"! Technical concerns aside, this OP gives no meaningful discussion of how a BR mode might be implemented in Warframe. It gives no consideration of balancing, spawning, weapons, equipment/vehicles, resources, matchmaking, team composition, or rewards. It only barely explores maps and revivals, and two seconds of thinking about either will reveal that they are both grossly unfit: PoE and OV terrain favor sniping to the point of excluding other approaches. Arbitration revivals require 5 special kills to collect a burdensome resource for one revive - do you really expect anyone to get revived in that case? (If anyone does get revived, it's clear their team had no use for them anyways.) The most valuable thing this thread does, apparently, is serve as a dumping-ground for reaction gifs.
  8. What a novel idea. This is a fake concern. Conclave has its own balancing independent of PvE values. really nobody asked for open-world warframe are you sure tho I'm skeptical that your three-hours experience in a very complex environment qualifies you to make such bold statements. But like... where's the supporting reasoning? What particular Warframe do you think is overpowered? Or do you truly think they all are? Saying that "they are all overpowered in different ways"... doesn't that really just mean they're equal and diverse? It's an action game, not a dating simulator, yeah? Sounds like an empty counterargument.
  9. Check that thread. Also, with proper counterplay, Ignis-series weapons become mediocre threats. _________________________________ Synapse has terrible range and is only good against health. Flux Rifle is almost globally inferior to the Baza, which is also silent. All beam weapons suffer from limited range and damage windup/decay that reduces their effective DPS. Zero beam weapons are "stupidly powerful".
  10. Quick note that the console variant of Conclave is significantly different in that it appears to be impossible for controller users to bullet jump anywhere besides directly forwards. (Low variability of aim speed due to physical limitations of joysticks prevents the quick look-asides required to issue sideways/backwards bullet jumps.) As a result, controller users spend more time on the ground and are less capable of dodging telegraphed attacks, hence the relative perceived strength of weapons like the Amprex and Mios, which are anywhere from mediocre to terrible in PC Conclave. Console Conclave should have independent balancing which accounts for the limitations of controllers. Do you not even have graphics options on console?
  11. Lots of reasons. Here's an excerpt from an earlier explanation of mine: The relative unpopularity of Conclave is due largely to its context in Warframe. I'm not saying that Conclave hasn't had discouraging periods of poor balancing - a moment of silence for victims of the Lex Prime, the Jat Kittag, the Euphona, and Rest - but its much of its unpopularity can be attributed to these systematic disadvantages, which make Conclave difficult to approach for both new and existing players: Warframe originally only had PvE, and it's still advertised as a PvE game. That's what's presented in the vast majority - if not the entirety - of its media. Warframe's first implementation of PvP, Solar Rail Conflicts, was grossly flawed in many ways: Warframe may be unfriendly to new players in general, but it is especially unfriendly to new PvP players. In Warframe, optimal PvE performance is vastly, vastly different from optimal PvP performance. It's hard to understate this.
  12. So? Sniper rifles are fundamentally different from these AoE weapons. Yeah, of course it's gonna be either intentional or accidental, like literally every decision in the history of decisions. So by your logic, the Vectis is broken? And what does this have to do with AoE weapons, which generally have slow reloads and - due to their small magazine sizes - don't significantly benefit from reload-while-holstered mods? ... It's really not. The Ogris is a meme weapon, just like pretty much every other AoE weapon. If you think the Ogris is good, then I presume a half-decent Latron user would blow your mind. "Imagine a totally different situation. Now imagine if the most concerning parts of that situation also applied to the current discussion." The Ogris could have infinite ammo and it would still be weak. Your comparison to a scenario that doesn't even exist is totally irrelevant.
  13. Allow weapons like the Tonkor, Ogris, and Penta to use reload-while-holstered mods. These are all markedly mediocre weapons, made even more so by the modding restrictions inexplicably imposed on them.
  14. Cmiiw, but there's zero interaction between the players as they race. There's not even collision. You might as well be racing against recorded ghosts. Your proposal is not fundamentally different from just competing against times/scores; it's no more PvP than any other leaderboard. So this doesn't sound like Conclave feedback to me. At most, it is Orb Vallis feedback, and can be restated as follows: "Please create a way to specifically matchmake for K-Drive races in Orb Vallis."
  15. How is this different from normal K-Drive races, and what does it have to do with Conclave?
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