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  1. Tbh I wasn’t aware. I think some folks on console shy away from messing with the button mapping and toggles. I generally go with how things are rolled with a nod to the devs trying to share a thoughtful standard and helpful standard config. Thanks for sharing though clearly something to consider in the future but unlikely 🙂
  2. THANK YOU FOR MAKING CHANNELING RELEVANT AND BETTER!!! First let me say that I kept being told channeling is a wasted stat by seasoned players and tbh it was hard to use it. Then Melee Phase 1 came and WoW,!!! Toggle makes channeling easier to execute and helps with sustained dps/usage. Allow me to provide an example this weekend we’ve all been getting drunk on Kuva Daniels and during my last run or two I was with an energy abundant squad and I turned on channeling on my Gram Prime. My only ever riven I’ve been able to afford has channeling on it and I never used it. Now thanks to the blessing of Toggle Channel I ran pretty much the whole survival with Channeling turned on and sliced through things like butta.. finally felt bad ass with my Gram Prime!!! THANKS DE AND KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!!!
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