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  1. No, Steel path will never be the new "normal" mode. Making Steel Path even more rewarding than it already is only forces players to suffer through it. Steel Path Void Fisssures without any reward changes would make sense more. Not everyone wants to play bullet sponge simulator.
  2. Wasn't sentients 90% damage reduction adaptation still a thing? This is another Slash meta problem. If you want to address it, you might as make slash less effective on robotic enemies.
  3. Hydroid has static and mobility impairing abilities that forces it to camp on one spot, which doesn't go well in the current state of the game where mobility and dynamic abilities shine.
  4. They'll split the update into three parts. First part will be the initial invasion, second part will be the climax of the war, and then finally the conclusion of the conflict. Part 1 will be Q4 2021, Part 2 Q1 2022, Part 3 Q2 2022. The New War seems to be too big in one update.
  5. If I recall correctly, DE said they are gonna tie lore related stuff to it. Maybe it will be the new "awakening" power thing when the new war arrives.
  6. I believe we should just scrap stance mods altogether and allow to switch stances on the fly in missions.
  7. The Final showdown mission should have some sort of completion reward. It's currently just another extra step of getting to your Lich. It would be great if the showdown mission rewards you with an abundant of evergreen resources maybe call it "Kuva Lich Name's resource hoard". Your lich exploits the controlled nodes, surely they gather some loot along the way.
  8. Though you could have save 20 bucks by just doing a few clicks when the offer was around. Download the game on EGS and then after you finished it you delete it.
  9. Though I still find it to be a kick in the teeth for the latecomers that they have to pay real money while the early adopters got it for free.
  10. Weren't some sister of parvos supposed to be generated with armor attachments and "Flaming" eyes? I guess that's either scrapped or they didn't have time to implement it.
  11. Seriously I don't get the hate for Grendel. It is the best frame to speedrun exterminate missions, gives energy regen buff and toxin damage buff that affects abilities and weapons, and has scaling damage on all of his damage focused abilities.
  12. Why even bother updating FX? The mods are basically useless.
  13. It would make warframe pay to win because players feel "forced" to spend money on cosmetics to gain stat buffs.
  14. Sometime it works, sometime it doesn't. It seems the feature was WIP and got released early.
  15. This is basically just asking the murmur system to be completely removed. DE will never do this. It will dumb down the nemesis system further than it already is. I can see nemesises just a walking "Weapon Dispenser" if this is implemented. However, maybe we could add some way of skipping the content. I am thinking of a "Lich Bounty" system where players put up Nemesis Contracts with rewards that is customizable by the players that is putting up the contract that allows other players to take care of their nemesises for them. This is very similar to the very early concept of the Kingpin system where it was clan based kill contracts.
  16. We probably wouldn't see primed archwing equipment until DE eventually reworked the archwing system as they promised.
  17. I did include an increased in energy drain to compensate the removal. If we want to be balanced, let's make it 20 energy per second. a Nyx with maxed out flow made Absorb only lasted around 28 seconds.
  18. Bash Lab? GAAS typically rarely respect early adopters. If you value your investment, never become an early adopter.
  19. The main changes I would like to see are: Remove the energy per damage mechanic. To compensate, increase energy drain per second. It's unfair that other damage reflecting abilities like Defy and Ice Elemental Ward do not have this issue. Give absorb a damage multiplier. For the numbers, I leave that to DE. The damage buff duration needs to be buffed significantly. Building up to 64k damage to get that damage buff to only last for 8 seconds feels like an insult. I say 25 seconds should suffice. After unleashing the stored damage, Nyx should be invulnerable for a few short moments. On the current live build, Nyx is vulnerable during the "unleashing" animation . During my play session with Nyx, releasing absorb in a group of enemies is a guaranteed death.
  20. I don't oppose the idea of a double edged sword, however copying the actual design of thanos's weapons is a really bad idea.
  21. With a little bit of Retcon, anything is possible!
  22. It's RNG. Your chance isn't going to improve on each attempt. If I were you, I would just trade my way to buy the BP from other players instead.
  23. Forgot the additive damage is a thing, I do find the duration is so.. miniscule. Like come on, only 8 SECONDS? The duration needs to be doubled or tripled as base or make it 25 seconds to be consistent with other damage buffing like vex armor and roar.
  24. Have you tried turning "Reduce Teammate Effect Intensity" on?
  25. It will plague public games with elitism. It's better if this is not implemented.
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