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  1. Not exactly. Just tactics that allows you to just "haha a few button press boss dead go brrrr". I put it there to stop people from derailing the thread too much. Yes I know a lot of tactics that made the fight brain dead easier. Did you know that Revenant's mesmer skin stun is not affected by the diminishing returns effectively stun locking the sisters or liches? Oops, looks like I slipped up, looks like that tactic will be no longer viable anymore.. Would you rather change the outlier now that cause a small backlash or change it 6 months later where every player and their grandmas invest on this tactic and then they whine and cry because of their "Muh Investment"?
  2. That's one way to have an open constructive conversation with someone. Maybe you should check someone's join date and posts before jumping into conclusions. Even if something overpowered left untouched for years, don't be surprised out of nowhere it gets changed because they somehow cheese a new content. Chroma, Khora, and Limbo are good examples of this. DE has two options for balancing Major stat squish, you massively nerf player and enemy power so they are on an even level. No more 200k unkillable EHP frames, no more 20 gazillion damage weapons, no more "Press 4 to kill everything in the room", and no more "Play the game mindlessly while you watch Netflix or something". Do some behind the scenes gameplay mechanic shenanigans to stop players one shotting everything you throw at them. DE chose option 2 for this, and yet one frame and one gameplay mechanic (Stealth Multiplier) managed to escape it's clutches. Which means a No no for DE. We all know a change for the sister/lich fight is coming to combat this, given DE's track record of knee jerk reactions. It's only a matter of time really
  3. Is this a well disguised "I hate the melee nerf and I want it reverted" thread?
  4. Remove the annoying ragdolls, oh and make them available in all missions too. Do that and I will consider using them from time to time.
  5. I only find it strange that Sisters can be fully armor stripped while Liches do not. I smell yet another oversight here.
  6. The ones I know of are Enemy Necramechs and Kuva Liches/Sisters (though they resist it after repeated cast).
  7. Not quite. Banshee is not one of those "one trick pony" frames 1. I have a build that utilize sonic boom with augment as a way to knock back Demolyst and strip their armor in Disruption missions. 2. You can utilize silence in certain boss fights to stop them from using abilities. Banshee is in actually in a very decent place. It's just that it's problems are survivability and terrible 4th ability. However, Banshee that somehow bypass a mechanic intended to prevent damage stacking is a problem.
  8. For curiosity. What Rank is the sister? I can see Rank 1-3 to be possible, but not rank 4-5. It seems like Stealth Multipliers ignore the DR as well. I am really astonished how much oversights we have discovered in the new DPS based DR mechanic.
  9. This thread is talking purely on TTK (Time to Kill). Immortality, stunlocks, invisibility cheese tactics is a whole different story. I should update this in the OP
  10. Banshee's Sonar is the only outlier I found to bypass this. Sevagoth's Reap is still affected by the DR. Not sure about Nezha's chakram, will test it later on. Well even after you strip the armor. You still have to deal with the DR. Unlike Banshee that somehow bypass it completely.
  11. Is it tho? Temporal Blast seems to be triggering this type of DR. Killing a Lich under the temporal blast is much slower than at normal animation speed. I am not surprised if this change was not intentional as well. Looks like I am derailing a bit here, I am gonna stop asking about it here.
  12. Me or anyone saying the word "nerf" or "change" right now : The player base is really sensitive nowadays to these words.
  13. Yes, I do. I view Chroma's nerf as reasonable and said "about time". The reason why DE probably left it is they don't want to upset the speedrun community and it's already far too established. But don't think DE is not gonna apply some form of DPS based DR on them too once they decided to remove their status and ability immunity. DE always changes things out of nowhere sometimes and upset subsets of the playerbase in the process.
  14. Given DE fixed Revenant's Enthrall+Reave combo allowing them to one shot Liches back in early 2020 (the change was undocumented, I also used this tactic sometimes at that time). Banshee will probably receive the same treatment. They said it in the trello board they are looking for "one shot caused by DR oversights" in the Lich/sister fights, they probably already know this already. Still it is an indirect attempt of derailing the topic wether you wills it or not. I don't think multiplicative stacking was intended in the first place, sooner or later. It will probably get touched at some point. It's probably the reason why some bosses like Eidolons, Ropalolyst, Orb Mothers, Tusk Thumpers are immune to abilities in the first place, the fear of frames like Banshee and Mesa trivializes them. Best example of this is Khora, Khora was left untouched for ~2 years and then suddenly out of nowhere DE made whipclaw requires line of sight.
  15. Probably not, given DE's weird math. the TTK gain from stacking sonar will probably be negligible once the fix is live. You can see this with Voidrig's Arquebex reducing it's damage to around 300.
  16. I am asking for consistency. Every damage stacking tactic is being countered by an intended mechanic. Sonar stacking however, does not. So? That doesn't mean the devs will let players get around gameplay mechanics they intended. You know another gameplay mechanic that's more annoying? I can list them : Terrible companion survivability Outdated Archmelee mods. Outdated Archwing mods The list goes on.. But what we're talking right now is Banshee, try not to derail the topic this thread is talking. You are doing something called "Red Herring".
  17. Even without invigorations, you can still pull this off with a strength build. The key here is stacking.
  18. You can test it out yourself. Try stack sonar in a Lich/sister encounter then apply damage, can be in starchart fight or Railjack and you can clearly see in a few shots they are instantly downed. Revenant used to be able to pull this off aswell with the Enthrall + Reave tactic, but that has been fixed.
  19. Unlike the usual damage stacking tactic, somehow Sonar's weird interaction with the Lich/sister DR or the multiplicative stacking allow it to somehow bypass it. You can compare them yourself. Applying Roar or Eclipse gives a very small damage boost against them.. but Sonar? Yeah, you can just click and it dies.
  20. I am even surprised that DE lets Sonar stacks multiplicatively for this long. I guess the low usage rate of this frame made this go under the radar. Like come on, over billions of damage by just spamming 2? If DE wants to let Banshee shine without these type of ability immunity on some of the bosses they have to fix that stacking at some point. Making it stacks additively will definitely keep it's damage potential from going to UNGA BUNGA numbers or just fix the DPS DR to make it so it detects the sonar stacking reducing it to reasonable numbers.
  21. That ship has failed a long time ago. Fortunately, It's raining mutagen samples on Deimos, especially on The Cambion Drift.
  22. If it bothers me that way I would have written this like an angry person that demands this frame to be nerfed immediately. For example.. The title seems to be problem here that shows I am demanding a nerf. On the contrary, I am just stating the inevitable, I'll change that in a moment.
  23. Why Jealousy? If I really wanted to I can just use this setup myself and replicate the exact same thing. I am just pointing out that stuff like this will not go unnoticed.
  24. I am talking about fights ending in Seconds after the encounter. Banshee is just one outlier I found. In showdown missions, there is at least one Banshee in the mission, using Sonar they can down a Level 5 Lich in Seconds. I just see their health bar instantly deleted. My Fully Modded Chroma with Unairu's Magnetize? Can take a minute or two.
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