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  1. So, I bought a Supa-Strength-Bug-Bomb off Darvo this week, and I think my predasite is really missing all her little parasites. Can she have a maggot floof to keep her company when she goes to sleep? She thought the Tusk Thumper floof was scary :< Can you say no to that little face?
  2. Wait, really? I've been logging in most days for a long time. I just got my 500 day log in reward. I thought the daily rewards were always somewhere 12 - 18 hours. >_>
  3. Here in New Zealand, the daily reward refreshes at 12noon or 1pm (depending on daylight savings). It expires at 6 or 7am, so we basically get half a day of the bonus, and then it expires before we get up the next day. I'm sure it's more annoying for my buddies in east Australia who'll be getting it at 2 or 3 pm, and unless they're gaming first thing in the morning it'll still be expiring before they launch the game again. So - 24 hours? Edit: I had no idea the daily reward scaled (because this game explains nothing), and that the timezone is therefore not very relevant, so I guess I retract my question. :/
  4. I have a Sister with a 26% weapon bonus. If I convert her, will she be worse as an on-call ally than the same sister with a 60% weapon bonus, or does this value only apply for weapons from vanquished liches/sisters?
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