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  1. I had enough resources. It was time that I was short of. And I did not realise that the forge gave you the result instantly. Due to a bug where I lost dome charges that I'd crafted during the mission, I thought it took the full 3.5 minutes cooldown before you got more of anything. So turns out the 50 seconds would have been enough, but I didn't know that, because, bugs. It was extremely frustrating. Also turned out that the mission was counted as succeeded and I did still get the mission reward, even though it told me I failed. Mixed signals are fun.
  2. So, I don't know what little flashing light or whatever I missed on my HUD to tell me I was in danger. I just did Nsu Grid for the third time. Failed the first two times after defeating all the ships, because there was a glitch and the last fragging door on the objective wouldn't open. This time I did the objectives first. Then I shot all the little ships, then I went for the crew ships. I boarded the last two crew ships and blew them up. The health bars on my ship were full, so I was quite happy. Mission Complete. I then started mopping up dropped mods and things with my archwing. Suddenly, and I use that word because I had absolutely no indication that ram sleds were launched or there was anyone else still alive except me, I get Cephalon CY saying catastrophic failure imminent. I teleport back to my ship, it's full of grinneer and I have 50 seconds to fix a hull breach. I do so. They instantly make another hull breach, but I can't fix it because I've run out of Revulite. I didn't even know I was close to running out, I only had a couple of minor repairs earlier in the mission. It's seriously unfun to fail a mission for a BS reason when you think you've already succeeded. It's even more unfun to fail it for a BS reason when you've failed the previous 3 missions because of a ridiculous bugged door. ARGH.
  3. Originally thought this was a problem with Nsu Grid, but just had it on Rya with the Disable Pulse Turbine objective, so I guess it's the objective that's bugged, not the sector.
  4. I got to "Disable the Pulse Turbine - Destroy the Radar Array", and could not open this door. Tried operator mode, /unstuck, teleporting back to my ship and flying back to the pulse turbine several times ... So I aborted the mission and left the game. Came back later to have another go. Same door, same problem. Can't complete the mission. And, aside from wasting all my time getting almost to the end of this mission TWICE and then having to abort ... ... and getting to keep none of the rewards ... ... I still had to buy new dome charges and whatnot after both aborted missions. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff Ugh.
  5. Is someone else hosting? I've had these problems only when someone else is hosting.
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