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  1. Had to yank my headphones off multiple times while trying to forge stuff because BANGBANGBANGBANGBANG in my ears from this stuff forming on top of me constantly. This is horrific.
  2. When you go to trade stuff for Father tokens on Diemos, some options are greyed out, even though you have enough resources for them and you can redeem them. Here is an example. I think it's caused by Fass and Vome Residue, possibly whichever is not active right now. All the examples I've found so far had Fass and/or Vome in them. (sorry if there are threads on this already, the search function was not functioning, and google search wasn't getting me anything similar either)
  3. Rank 6 of Particle Ram claims to give 940 DPS. Looking at ranks 5 (800) and 7 (880), it seems like Rank 6 should be 840DPS. I don't know whether this typo is in the actual mod stats or just the description.
  4. Same here. Ouch. The only keys that do things are Map, the Zoom and The Mission summary key, telling me all the gems, fish and the scarlet Nexifera I'm going to lost when I have to Alt-F4. Pretty disappointing to see this bug is six months old. D: Edit: Well, I WAS pleased to discover that using Alt-F4 to kill the game, when I got back, I had all my resources. So, that's a huge relief.
  5. I got to "Disable the Pulse Turbine - Destroy the Radar Array", and could not open this door. Tried operator mode, /unstuck, teleporting back to my ship and flying back to the pulse turbine several times ... So I aborted the mission and left the game. Came back later to have another go. Same door, same problem. Can't complete the mission. And, aside from wasting all my time getting almost to the end of this mission TWICE and then having to abort ... ... and getting to keep none of the rewards ... ... I still had to buy new dome charges and whatnot after both
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