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  1. yeah, its pretty intuitive eh. spend 2 hours to get 10 cephalite, use it in 5 seconds, repeat
  2. It seems in some recent update, pets have gotten worse at staying near their owner. I usually play with a Kavat for most frames, and it is built fairly tanky. but recently it dies a lot, and is never dying anywhere remotely near me. Literally hundreds of meters away, what has changed to make them not stay near me anymore? I haven't tried taking off sharpened claws, but this could be an issue where if it uses that ability on a mob, it will stay there until that mob dies or something, just speculating. I would very much appreciate if you could make the pets stay closer to their master. It is causing more issues than death, since they are often extremely far away, I went an entire 50 minute mission(solo 17 condrix scarlet spear ground) while only receiving 2 buffs from my Smeeta. The mod "Charm" doesn't say it has a range, but no other way to explain how over 100 chances to give me a buff went by and I only got 2 (50 minutes x 60 seconds) / 27 seconds = 111 chances. 111 * .28 = 31 BUFFS, NOT 2. I'm not going to do the probability math for that, but it seems off... Thanks for your time ❤️
  3. amp self damage stagger feels HORRIBLE
  4. didn't you say we would be getting double affinity for this? considering all the forma we have to use from these changes?
  5. you killed energize... Please DE, fix it.
  6. buff unused arcanes: yes nerfing and invalidating arcanes we have: no
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