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  1. 1. Permanently have boosters on you. 2. Set up camp in kuva survival for 50 minutes, come out do kuva flood, then go back to kuva survival. Repeat for 12 hours. 3. Stop snorting kuva altogether. Save every single drop jealousy. Steal if you have to. Whatever it takes.
  2. I use vapor specter in endurance runs. They come in 10s so I find them most useful to craft. I use Nidus and he seems to use all his abilities extremely well.
  3. Everything is subject to change. If you dislike being thwarted so much, I wouldn't advice you to lay any hopes by overpowered (compared to other stuff) rivens and weapons. It's a long and disappointing road down that direction.
  4. That's what I did with Khora and Harrow. Learned my lesson from Nidus. 🤪😅
  5. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up. I too play solo most of the time. But getting prime stuff is better in public cause we can choose other's better rewards. Also it's 99% of the time, nice and cool as everyone's on same page in their farm.
  6. Don't worry, I have used limbo and limbo prime many times in missions. I never got flamed once. The only way you are going to get people mad at you for using limbo is if you hamper their gameplay. There is no excuse for making a 6 min defense run take 8 minutes especially when public matchmaking is random and people may or may not be on a tight schedule. Use a sensible limbo build without any intention of hurting others and you'll never get into any trouble from decent well meaning tennos! Maybe the community have a legitimate reason for crying out loud on this issue? As you said, the community is nice and helpful. What makes you think they would do a 180 just to spite some special folks? Makes no sense. You value your own time, energy and effort. Good. We are also saying the same when we are trying to crack relics and farm traces as efficiently as we can in a public setting. 🙂 I don't see how that's a pariah in making!
  7. When you meet such people, put them on ignore list so that they never end up in matchmaking with you ever again. They'll slowly dwindle away if everyone did that.
  8. You are imagining things. Nobody is hating newbies. All the posts in this thread accept that limbo can be a good frame in the hands of good people (who are not looking to intentionally troll people). Also how do you explain the behavior of the guy I met today? People who try and hamper others are the real problem... Be it a limbo troll or a teleport troll or whatever.
  9. Welp! I guess I have the wrong timing then.
  10. They still buy prime junk on PS4? Cuz u can't even sell 6 parts for 8 P on PC anymore. (At least that's what I have seen so far, except when Baro brought PRIMED CHAMBER!).
  11. The only time I used Valkyr in my entire Warframe career was to hunt that annoying wolf of Saturn six.
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