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  1. I specifically said we can buy it, but it doesn't mean we don't get tons of blueprints from relics either.
  2. I am sure, that many would agree with me. Forma crafting time should be reduced a little bit. Even if it's 18 hours. Or preferably 12. I know, I can always get a bundle, but I feel that reducing the time wouldn't affect the gameplay in a big way, and would make it a little bit more enjoyable.
  3. If I gift somebody a deluxe skin bundle, will the game warn me if they already possess one. I want to keep it a surprise so obviously I can't ask the player if they have it or not. And I don't wanna gift something they already own.
  4. Isn't it unrealistic? To have a game that is endless missions, quests, daily new updates! Where would you find such a thing? Everything gets boring after a time, that's why variety exists. Sure, the game has issues of it's own. Not saying it doesn't.
  5. You can keep an immature pet for forever. Plus it looks cool.
  6. I am okay with staying young and innocent forever. Wish I could do that in real life. Growing up sucks.
  7. I also main Octavia, and I don't think it's that big of a deal. Anyway, to each his own, maybe it's just me, so I wouldn't scratch your opinion.
  8. Gonna be a long arse time!
  9. It doesn't really matter to me! I am only awaiting Nidus and Inaros Primes.
  10. I would say around at least 3 runs of 8 zone SO per week. It's easily around 100++. You have a pretty thin skin if you think I am trying to insult you. What would I attain by such tomfoolery? I am just sick of people with better rng luck trying to disprove people like me sharing what their experiences have been.
  11. I did say I have been doing multiple runs per week, though not on consecutive days! You missed it, it seems. 🤔
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