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  1. That's cuz PvP stinks and needs some sort of overhaul. And also fashion is endgame in this game. Personally, I wouldn't mind if they rework it, or nuke it, and would keep on ignoring whatever rewards it offers.
  2. Bugs, bad ping, host migration are not under anyone's control (if your internet has issues, you can't be blamed for it). Trolling, intentional bad team-play... The same old story, avoid stepping in stinky poo. In my personal opinion, I value the fact that WF allows me to play both solo and with clan-mates/friends. I wouldn't have one, if I couldn't get both. There will always be issues with public gameplay. But if you look at the positives, ignore the negatives, and find yourself a place in a good clan with good players, it's a bearable experience.
  3. I still have not seen a single Sevagoth System drop. It may be a conspiracy theory, but I kinda believe that DE is messing with drop rates on purpose and it's customized messing up as I have met other people who are in same boat but with different parts. And before some fanboy jumps in to defend this crabby mechanic, let them consider the number of hours I have farmed the buggy mission day after day looking to get that one elusive drop. (And aborting every 3rd run cuz of 1 bug or another.) I have never seen a worse update in my own experience.
  4. And I don't see why you calling them out for insulting DE (?) when they did no such thing and were simply stating a valid opinion.
  5. It's optional, if you don't want to use energy arcanes. It's totally possible to forego them and use something else. After all, the difficulty is in your hands. If you want to break the meta, it's as easy as changing your own loadouts. Or are you simply looking to farm upvotes on the forums with oft-repeated clout generating posts?
  6. What about people who pay and support DE all along? Should they expect 9/10 missions to be buggy/softlocked/glitched as a good content drop? Doesn't DE owe them a single bug free update?
  7. Four hours of constantly buggy, full of visual effects diarrhoea missions later, I still don't have Sevagoth Systems to show for it. I hate DE's use of inconsistent RNG. This is beyond acceptable.
  8. Same here ... It would have been dope to get both outside and inside.
  9. 10% fun, 20% lore, 70% bugs and softlocks and Alt+F4. Good Job DE.
  10. Thank you for the couple dozens of time I got softlocked on day 1 of a massively awaited update. DE never fails to deliver!
  11. It is a buggy mess! I have gotten softlocked at almost all stages of the Void Storm Missions. Endless loading, and even abort button is not responding! I never used this much Alt-F4 as in this update. The update is beautiful and all that but my god... The bugs ruin everything!
  12. Do you think DE has any good track record with not messing up stuff, again and again and over again?
  13. I just want them to be competent at using forward artillery and clearing crewships, and putting out fires and stuff. Would be curious to see what kind of bugs happen with AI crew when the update arrives.
  14. Will building tier 1 wreckage count? Or is it necessary to craft tier 3 wreckage. Reason I am asking is because I haven't done a whole lot of veil proxima, but I have a lot of earth missions completed on solo mode.
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