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  1. What about people who pay and support DE all along? Should they expect 9/10 missions to be buggy/softlocked/glitched as a good content drop? Doesn't DE owe them a single bug free update?
  2. Four hours of constantly buggy, full of visual effects diarrhoea missions later, I still don't have Sevagoth Systems to show for it. I hate DE's use of inconsistent RNG. This is beyond acceptable.
  3. Same here ... It would have been dope to get both outside and inside.
  4. Thank you for the couple dozens of time I got softlocked on day 1 of a massively awaited update. DE never fails to deliver!
  5. It is a buggy mess! I have gotten softlocked at almost all stages of the Void Storm Missions. Endless loading, and even abort button is not responding! I never used this much Alt-F4 as in this update. The update is beautiful and all that but my god... The bugs ruin everything!
  6. Do you think DE has any good track record with not messing up stuff, again and again and over again?
  7. I just want them to be competent at using forward artillery and clearing crewships, and putting out fires and stuff. Would be curious to see what kind of bugs happen with AI crew when the update arrives.
  8. Will building tier 1 wreckage count? Or is it necessary to craft tier 3 wreckage. Reason I am asking is because I haven't done a whole lot of veil proxima, but I have a lot of earth missions completed on solo mode.
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