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  1. Welp! I guess I got a long way to get that that Kuva Chakkur 😢
  2. I hate sounding like the guy who says "I told you so"... But there's nothing surprising in here. It's been happening update after update. The smart move, it seems (according to popular opinion) is to wait 2-3 weeks before grinding an update. A lot of frustration and headaches are avoided by this simple (yet dumb) strategy.
  3. My experience: Installed the game for this update, did 3 bounties, looked around the map, logged out. That's it. Maybe it's me but idk what to make of it. I am certainly not in a mood to do 100s of mutated mobile defense missions on a dark oozy place for hours on end.
  4. I like conservation... But I don't want it to be compulsory either. It's fun for a while, but they shouldn't brute force it on everyone.
  5. Update bugged trading... you can't see other people at dojo. Anyone else experiencing this right now? P.S. I just installed the game today for this update. Someone else in game said this is happening for 2 days now. So... There's that. Anyone knows any fix for this???
  6. The only endgame in warframe is discussing endgame ideas on forums and reddit etc.
  7. This system sounds like a disaster, no matter how much they nerf or change it.
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