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  1. Idk dude, I didn't enjoy railjack before the update, and I certainly didn't enjoy it for the few times that I actually played it lately. Earlier I was waiting for command intrinsic, but now I doubt I will even play after that's out.
  2. lol, if you think thrusters need to make sense according to what we have in our world then doesn't the whole of warframe make no sense to you? I mean, how operators emerge out of warframe. How warframe is created. How infestation works in the game. Etc. Etc.
  3. I pinned a grineer on a wall with an arrow exactly in the bull's eye of his cheeks... Nearly died laughing!
  4. Nobody can play the game for 20 k hours... Everyone leaves at some point.
  5. Thanks for the lolz OP! 😅 And everyone else too... 😂
  6. Balance is a chimaera! Was one, is one and will be one for all times.
  7. Lmao! I fought him with a friend. He didn't drop the poster. We made a ticket but idk whatever happened to that.
  8. Yeah, they should add a limit to how many hours one can play the forums... Cuz some people have it as a 12 hour job in here.
  9. The people devoting days worth of effort in making responses in this thread actually need to find something to play... Forums is not endgame you know!
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