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  1. You wouldn't be able to use him in hardmode missions other than exterminate or survival anyway. Mobile defense, normal defense and defection etc are not going to be a good place to use him anyway. I suppose people expect way too much from Inaros lately.
  2. I do think DE releases Inaros Prime cuz I heard Megan say almost an year back on stream that Inaros Prime looks pretty (so they have him ready for a while at least), while Nezha Empyrean is gonna be one mountain to beat with it's Prime Skin so they are just buying some time to figure things out. (This is my guess, so take it for what it is.)
  3. There is a simple solution... Equip a sentinel or moa without a weapon and they become invincible (cuz they won't be killing anything that way). On pets give us a invincibility mod that makes pets follow the player and do nothing to the enemy.
  4. Khora took me 6-8 months (I have tried to get over it's PTSD). Protea took me 7 days of constant grind (3+ hours everyday). RNG has never been kind to me. It's sad.
  5. There is nothing wrong with Inaros being a die-hard weapons platform. I think he occupies a unique niche and it would be stupid to expect him to be a multi-role guy other than his current state.
  6. This is so true. Yeah, turn the whole game into conclave. The game will top the steam charts at 100 players on a good day, and standalone might fetch another 100-200 at best. (Ofc I exaggerate, but the point is made.)
  7. Well than, I am surprised that you have been whining for this long about DE doing what's obviously the better decision for their "business". As a consumer your only "business" in "DE's business decisions" is to no longer support them and play something else, if it hurts you to this extent.
  8. Lol, why does all your arguments have "people say this, people find this, people believe this" in them. I am honestly surprised about how much you seem to remember and care for what people say about anything.
  9. Yup... Been seeing warframe ads all over Google. And it's happening all of a sudden lately. Honestly, I am not bothered by it tho. Better a warframe ad than a "X-ray-camera-see-people-naked" app type of ad.
  10. Yes it can work if... They make it so that only UNROLLED rivens can be sold.
  11. Why can't people simply embrace solo or pre-made squad options, instead of changing the whole world to suit them. (Because it wouldn't, stupid people exist, trolls exist and toxicity also exists.)
  12. I get nausea from playing Derelict tileset. That's the one I hate with a passion beyond words.
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