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    Sortie reward

    Ok I don't know what you guys did but a month or so ago the sortie reward was nice and random even though hardly got any of the rarer resards but thats expected. But now first i got 7-8 statues in a ROW!!!!! Now its cycling through 3-4 of the same rewards in a row then it switches to 3-4 of a different reward. That to me is nowhere near random each drop. This is really turning me off from Warframe. RANDOM IS DIFFERENT MOST OF THE TIME FOR EACH DAY YOU FINISH THE SORTIE.
  2. Ok since this new fortuna hot fix I've been getting kernal errors. And for a close to a manth before not one error. please look into this. DE
  3. I have a bug to report I keep getting a kernel error 382.something over and over again quite often in critical missions that I have to lose all my earnings because I have to log out again.it is getting very costly for me and very very annoying please do something about it.
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