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  1. I think you're overhyping the potential backlash. There are always doom sayers who say Warframe's going to go under because: coptering removed Gas no longer triple dips onto stealth multipliers Chroma's damage buffed changed to be additive with Serration Maiming Strike is now useless Condition Overload no longer multiplicative, pure status melee is dead Corrosive no longer 100%, long live Viral/Slash Bring back 4xIPS priority because my Slash build is worthless 4x Corrosive Projection no longer 100% Acolyte mods moved to Deimos, my stockpile of Argon Scope is worthless! DE owes me money! 100% Status shotguns dead Rivens for new weapons start at the lowest disposition, Rivens are DEAD! S-curve scaling making the game too easy The silent casual majority moved on. Whether or not balancing is worth it or not doesn't matter because DE thinks it is. That's why they nerfed melee and are experimenting with damage attenuation since Scarlet Spear. Damage attenuation is literally stat squishing, but only on certain enemies. A more widespread, transparent stat squish isn't any more work and is more respectful to the majority of players because they won't be blindsided by some bullet sponge that doesn't follow the same rules as the rest of the game. Players who understand how damage works and do endurance runs in Warframe are a minority. The casual majority doesn't understand how damage works anyways and doesn't really care because shooting stuff is fun as long as TTK is reasonable until they hit a wall like the Wolf of Saturn Six and start crying on forums for a nerf instead of building for Radiation, using Shattering Impact or getting a Kavat. Having a more reasonable range of numbers planned out from the beginning means DE doesn't have to spend so much time nerfing and buffing things cyclically.
  2. The dichotomy is an illusion as they are both just damage multipliers multiplicative with each other. Crit immunity is just pseudo Damage Reduction against weapons built with Crit.
  3. The reality is that DE will never stop trying to combat it. Next update, maybe they'll decide Shield Gating is still not enough for Corpus to be on par with Grineer and decide that Shields should grant Critical Multiplier immunity. Any damage that hits a Shielded enemy will ignore the weapon's Critical Multiplier and assume a 1.0x Critical Multiplier.
  4. That doesn't stop DE from trying though. Corrosive used to be able to strip armor 100%. A Sortie Level Bombard with 6000 Alloy armor, 95% DR giving it a 20X health multiplier? Corrosive can take that 20X health multiplier away, letting you to effectively deal 20X damage. As armor scaled exponentially, player consensus was Status > Crit. No armor meant that all your damage was effectively True Damage. Now, Corrosive only strips up to 80%. Against 6000 armor, stripped to 1200, that's only 80% DR. 20X health multiplier reduced to a 5X health multiplier granting you 4X damage at max stacks which is an 80% nerf from what Corrosive was before and only gets worse as armor levels rise higher. This is weaker than Viral procs which give 4.25X. Better than Viral at higher armor levels, but at that point you pair Viral with Slash. The Corrosive cap was the biggest nerf in recent memory, yet everyone seems to have already forgotten about it. It makes making Critical Multiplier additive with Base Damage look like a baby's punch. Is Corrosive dead? Corrosive still has the +75% against Ferrite armor, giving a 1.75x boost against Ferrite and ignoring 75% of its value innately. At max stacks, Corrosive virtually bypasses 95% of Ferrite armor with a 1.75x boost. For that 1.75x boost to be negated, the remaining 5% of armor needs to grant DR of ~43% which is 225 remaining armor. In other words, 4500 initial armor. 4500 Ferrite armor is where the Old Corrosive and New Corrosive intersect in effectiveness against Heavy Gunners. Heavy Gunners sport this level of armor at around level 74. This coincides with the new gentler scaling past level 80, so new Corrosive ends up performing similarly to old Corrosive and lesser used damage types remain relevant for a bit longer. Of course, Steel Path modifiers threw all of this out the window. Viral got buffed, but Slash lost the 4x IPS priority. This doesn't balance out because Hunter Munitions and forced procs from stances remained untouched. So Viral/Slash became the go to against all armored enemies that were vulnerable to status. Corrosive got relegated to those handful of enemies with status immunity. Some enemies specifically have Viral immunity because DE realized they released another genie. Not to mention the travesty of what happened to Gas. Now DE is trying to bottle the genie by working on damage attenuation. The Condrix had it. Then the Protea quest had it. Deimos enemies have it. Orphixes had it. Corpus Sisters have it. Bone Widow was lackluster, so Orphixes had damage attenuation against Voidrig's ult. They gave us an overpowered toy, then immediately introduced enemies immune to it? Despite Corrosive getting nerfed, Gas getting gutted, Condition Overload getting nerfed twice, Blood Rush getting nerfed, every new enemy getting damage attenuation..... At this point, burn it all down. All the players that stopped playing because of nerfs at this point probably all have left. Now DE can't keep hemorrhaging the players that want balance.
  5. Damage attenuation is already the chainsaw. Instead of butchering the hedges into ugly shapes with the chainsaw, maybe its time to cut everything down and plant new hedges. Damage attenuation invalidates player progression. Old players deal damage indistinguishable from new players and plenty of weapons are invalidated. At least with a stat squish, older players still get to do noticeably more damage than new players. Additive damage is still more damage.
  6. Not to mention Ammo Mutation mods fit in the Exilus slot. AOE weapons basically get refunded their entire ammo pool after wiping a cluster with a single shot. A single mod giving high burst AOE DPS, but low sustained DPS weapons sustained DPS. Reload speed mods do the same thing for weapons with low reload speed, but they don't fit in the Exilus slot. Ammo Mutation as it exists is probably too powerful. Maybe instead of converting random ammo types off the floor into the correct one, it should simply increases the pickup efficiency of the correct ammo type?
  7. Not everyone is Goku. In a squad of 4, Goku's doing 90% of the damage while the other 3 are stuck tagging along. There's always a Krillin that always gets downed regardless of what's happening.
  8. Warframe doesn't have a pity system as there is no limit to how many times a player can re-run missions except time. Pity systems work in games with hard gates.
  9. Honestly, DE should have at least allowed us to put the elemental mods on our amps to use against regular enemies since only the void portion damages Eidolon Shields anyways. Instead, DE decided to restrict multipliers on amps and gave us arcanes that simply convert damage.
  10. Because scaling DR is DE's current solution to player power creep. DE paradoxically wants new content to be accessible for new players, but doesn't want to take away the toys of veterans. Their compromise is wonky scaling DR that normalizes player damage. That wonky scaling DR trashes sniper rifles, but Banshee was able to get a free pass for once, but who knows when DE will raise their hands over their head and scream over sight which is routine by this point. It's completely inconsistent. DE doesn't care about stuff being overpowered in old content, because old content doesn't gate anything of value. Rewards don't scale after all. But once something new gates something of value like a new weapon, damage caps, scaling DR, status immunity..... It's either that or low drop rates.
  11. Scaling DR isn't fun either. It's just a roundabout way to nerf our damage with more smoke and mirrors. If DE wants to nerf us then they need to give it to us straight. Not arbitrarily divide damage in random cases because they want to rein in excessive damage multiplication all of a sudden. Warframe's damage system is a mess of exceptions because of DE's indecisiveness and lack of planning. Random scaling DR is worse than any nerf.
  12. A story mission that will no doubt contain enemies with scaling DR, status immunity if not outright taking your gear away like in Glassmaker. Probably reduce players to Operator form. That's what Kahl of Duty is isn't it? No mods, no Warframe because DE can't balance otherwise. A story mission that will take a few hours at best.
  13. Limiting the number of certain types of mods instead would lead to greater outcries of inventory destruction. There are always players who do nothing but put on all the damage, even if it isn't optimal. I remember a time when everyone told new players to cram Corrosive + Blast on their Hek for max damage despite the Blast component dealing less than 1/10th of the Corrosive component against a Heavy Gunner due to how armor modifiers work. On a Heavy Gunner with 6000 Ferrite armor with 95% DR: Corrosive deals 29% of face value as effective damage Neutral deals 5% of face value as effective damage Blast deals 2.9% of face value effective damage A single +30% Bane would do more work than stacking a 3rd and 4th elemental mod, but nobody used banes. 1.3x on the Corrosive portion would deal 37.7% of face value. Corrosive has no synergy with Blast. Magnetic had no synergy with Gas back when Gas still dealt toxin procs. That was DE's intent with combined elements to make rainbow builds sub-optimal and they succeeded. Of course everyone moves on from the Hek and gets a weapon that has Vital Sense, Point Strike and Hunter Munitions as mandatory mods. The idea behind putting more things into additive buckets isn't to change the meta, but to decrease the gap between min maxed damage and a build that features more QoL. On a weapon even QoL mods are essentially DPS mods. Reload speed increases sustained DPS, etc, etc. All of Warframes balancing issues stems from multiplier spaghetti. Crit weapons have access to an extra multiplier that guns with terrible Crit stats can't effectively use. This issue is no different than Warframes with good armor values getting an ehp multiplier that Warframes with poor armor can't effectively use. This is the same issue of Grineer being orders of magnitude tankier than Corpus as they have a scaling health multiplier called armor, while Corpus only got an additive bonus to health called Shields. Fire Rate is a DPS mod that serves as an extra multiplier to damage, but comes with the caveat of ammo economy and reload frequency. On most builds, this extra multiplier is not utilized as their are plenty of other non-conditional multipliers that take precedence as they come with no downsides. Base Damage, Multi-shot, Elements, Viral procs on weapons with good status and Critical Damage on weapons with good Crit stats simply up damage with no downsides, so they are always default. My suggestion is that all non-conditional multipliers shouldn't be multiplicative with each other but additive. They should all belong to the same bin or be given caveats in exchange for that extra multiplier. I'm of the opinion Multi-shot should have a -%accuracy penalty equal to % Multi-shot. Currently, Crit is multiplicative with Base Damage. Not running Serration without other sources of Base Damage is always a 62% Damage loss. +30% Reload Speed from Fast Hands which decreases reload time by 23% isn't even worth considering over Serration ever. -62% Damage =/= -23% Reload Time If Crit was additive instead and simply gave +340% Base Damage on a 4.4x multiplier, not running Serration would only be a 27% Damage loss on a Crit. Suddenly Fast Hands is a more competitive choice. -27% Damage ~ -23% Reload Time
  14. The issue of older Warframes is the same as older enemies. Being designed for a game that no longer exists. A lot of old frames were designed in an era of limited stamina and weak melee, where OP AOE weapons didn't exist. Take Excalibur. Slash Dash and Super Jump were movement options that didn't draw from stamina. Radial Blind was CC and allowed melee weapons to do work in an era before Blood Rush with finishers. Stamina was removed with bullet jump added, thus Super Jump became redundant, thus was replaced with Exalted Blade. Exalted Blade nowadays is sub par compared to regular melee.
  15. Due to the new arcanes also stacking Base Damage, the new gundition overload status mods are practically indistinguishable from Hammer Shot in performance which itself is already pretty negligible. Additive stacking works. Additive stacking isn't about changing the meta as it is lowering the Chasm between meta and the rest. Meta weapons enjoy extra multipliers MR fodder don't have and no amount of Rivens will change that gap. Crit being multiplicative with Base Damage is a problem no different than enemy armor scaling being multiplicative with enemy health scaling. It fundamentally creates an order of magnitude difference between the haves and have nots.
  16. That's only because he has no nonsense defenses against our nonsense damage. DE knows that armor scaling is broken, but it was the only thing that reined in unchecked player damage scaling. Armor can still be cheesed though, so DE still resorts to Damage Caps, invincibility phases and Scaling DR to make bosses tanky. DE gave use too many ways to multiply our damage and instead of taking those away, they just threw in a bunch of ways enemies could use to divide our damage. The player damage vs enemy ehp is not a steady curve, but a sine wave. So enemies are in a constant state of being both paper and sponges. Shrodinger's balance.
  17. If DE really wants us to use the other damage types, there needs to be a way to toggle between builds in mission instead of between missions. Though it would probably end up with people macroing the toggle between Corrosive and Viral to make every weapon Synapse level.
  18. It's like light levels in Destiny 2, but at least Destiny 2 makes it overt and is consistent. Warframe's damage system is both needlessly complex and hopelessly shallow. We have all these damage types and resistances, but they don't matter. Only a handful of damage types are viable and we have a bunch of arbitrary exceptions to entice players to use less popular damage types. Most of these exceptions are as arbitrary as damage caps or scaling DR. Weapon modding is an exercise in stacking as many multipliers onto a build as possible. The only difficulty is learning where on the damage formula a damage mod applies itself because mods are badly worded in this game. New players scoff at Primed Bane mods because they see +55% Damage to Grineer and assume it's only additive with Serration's +165% Damage, while some veterans go red in the face trying to explain the difference and how Slash procs double dip into Banes nonsense. Then we have Primed Chamber with +100% Bonus Damage on first shot in clip which is additive with Banes and not Base Damage. Or how Condition Overload used to be a separate multiplier from Prime Pressure Point and was exponential with itself just because. Damage Multiplier Layers: Base Damage Multi-shot / Stance Multipliers (multi-shot is exclusive to guns, stance multipliers exclusive to melee) Elements Critical Multiplier Headshot Multiplier Stealth Damage Bonus Bonus Damage (Banes, Primed Chamber, etc) Viral procs Probably missing a few things on the list, but it's easy to see why DE has such a difficult time balancing enemy ehp. Exponential armor scaling being multiplicative with health scaling was one broken oversight that DE leaned on to balance another broken oversight. Powercreep has reached critical mass and now they're playing around with Scaling DR. DE probably needs to take a look at all this and throw these various multipliers into additive bins. Proposed Multiplier Layers: Base Damage, Critical Multiplier, Viral Procs Elements Multi-shot / Stance Multipliers Instead of separate multipliers for Stealth, Headshots and Bonus Damage (Banes), replace them with flat Critical Chance which would help weapons with terrible Critical Chance. +100% flat Critical Chance on Headshot +100% flat Critical Chance on unalerted +100% flat Critical Chance on finishers All multi-shot mods should receive -%accuracy equal to +%multi-shot as a penalty so it actually has a drawback compared to Fire Rate. On the enemies side, armor shouldn't scale at all, shouldn't have damage caps and shouldn't have scaling DR.
  19. Another glaring issue is that most enemies are a holdover from parkour 1.0 and aren't designed to combat a Warframe's speed. A lot of enemies are designed with the idea that player stamina is limited and player melee is weak without stealth. Some old Warframe powers were designed to alleviate these player limitations. Look at OG Excalibur: Slash Dash: An extra movement option that doesn't draw from stamina. Radial Blind: CC that disrupts enemy fire and makes the melee temporarily viable via finishers in an era before Blood Rush + Body Count where Skana had a Base Damage of 35. Radial Javelin: An AOE attack in an era where most weapons were single target. An era even before the Tonkor. Super Jump: An extra movement option that doesn't draw from stamina and could be used for escaping unfavorable fights like a Ninja. Grineer are your traditional soldiers in your bog standard cover shooter. Their endgame goal is to surround and achieve fire superiority over the player. They whittle away shields and stamina with hit scan impact weapons forcing you into cover from cover themselves. If there is no natural cover, they'll drop Blunts. Butchers flush you out of cover while you are in your weakened state. Bombards are threats that can kill you even behind cover with their AOE rockets. Warframe powers are used to disrupt the Grineer's tactical goal to give you breathing room. Nowadays, Butchers are just dumb ON KILL fodder to fuel buffs while Melee is the strongest weapons we have. Mashing E is more efficient than bothering with finishers. Lancers are stupid for hiding behind cover that's useless against our AOE weapons. None of them can outrun a Warframe. Warframes don't need cover (by being super tanky or infinite CC) and Bombards fall just as quickly as Elite Lancers. All they got is their broken armor scaling. New enemies like the Nox are an attempt to counter how players have changed. They have this goop that robs us of some mobility and they don't get downed by melee as easily. They got this weak-spot that's supposed to give precision weapons some purpose again. Corpus are your more technologically advanced army. They also want to achieve fire superiority over the player, but they have exotic technology on their side. They employ shielded disposable proxies that rush and shoot without heed of any cover. They even got Bursas that are invulnerable from the front. Cover would only get in the way of their higher damaging projectile puncture weapons that did noticeably more damage to Ferrite armored Warframes than Grineer Impact guns. Instead of archaic cover that stopped bullets from both sides, Nullifier bubbles soak up our bullets while letting the Corpus continue shooting theirs without stopping. In contrast to the typical Grineer Lancer, who stops shooting to take cover. These Nullifier bubbles also add an extra limitation to our powers that we don't face against the Grineer. Running out of stamina to run while being trapped in a bubble was a death sentence. Nowadays, Corpus are fancy paper because all our power creeped meta weapons are balanced around broken Grineer armor scaling. Infested are your Zerg of the big three. They don't have guns, but they have numbers and are fast. Not so scary when players are even faster. They can leech energy, so it's harder to use infinite CC on them like you can on the Grineer I guess. A lot of missions themselves don't age well with parkour 2.0. Enemies in capture, sabotage and rescue missions are little more than set pieces we can zoom past without any consequence or difficulty. DE just ends up resorting to reskinned Mobile Defense to get us to engage with them.
  20. Maybe nerf Ammo Mutation from conversion into efficiency? Instead of converting random ammo drops into your weapon's ammo, the correct pickup simply yields more ammo? Or, just like reload mods, Ammo Mutation shouldn't be Exilus mods.
  21. Numbers in this game are all over the place with multipliers everywhere. Armor scaling is multiplicative with health scaling, so Grineer units can have 10x more ehp than units from other factions. Players got access to so many damage multipliers that a single player can casually output more than 10x more damage than the rest of the squad. Depending on this mess of multipliers, enemies will always feel like either sponges or paper. This all culminates into a game of nuke or get nuked at high levels.
  22. It's not like parkour 2.0 is bad, it's just that the other aspects of the game were slow to evolve with it. The recent Corpus Tile Set rework was all about removing elevators and cramped corridors which were holdovers from the limited stamina era, replacing them with wider spaces for us to jump around. We were forced to slog through years of waiting for the elevator. Lot of mechanics got powercreeped into irrelevance. Melee is so overpowered now that mashing E is more efficient than performing a stealth finisher. Enemies surrounding you from all angles is no longer a death sentence because every Warframe is a blender with 100% DR from the front. Due to the removal of stamina, Players are so much more mobile than enemies that they always dictate the terms of engagement. The enemies in capture, assassination and rescue have become little more than set pieces as players can just mindlessly rush the objective for the 200th time. DE resorting to a bunch of Mobile Defense reskins to get us to engage with enemies. Players like to complain about Warframe AI, but Warframe AI isn't worse than other games. It's just that Warframe enemies were designed for an older game that no longer exists. Infested are the typical zombie faction, but they aren't scary anymore when you can easily outrun them without any consequences. Grineer do take cover and even bring mobile cover called blunts, but we got AOE weapons that ignore cover. Grineer have no answer to our overpowered melee and they can never outrun us. The thing is, the dumb archaic tactics Grineer employ make the assumption of limited Warframe stamina and weak melee weapons. The objective of Grineer in any fire fight is to surround the enemy and achieve fire superiority in a battle of attrition. They whittle away at shields and stamina, forcing us into cover. Butchers were designed specifically to put pressure on us while in cover so we couldn't camp. Too cozy with cover and players may overlook the Bombard readying his Ogris for checkmate. Reasonable tactics for a cover shooter, but Warframe isn't a cover shooter. Warframe 2013 to 2021 suffers from the same issues as Castlevania 1 to 4.
  23. This is why it's stupid that Ammo Mutation can fit in the Exilus slot. Exilus mods for weapons were a generally bad idea from the start. There are always mods that add exponentially more value to some weapons, but are virtually unnoticeable on others. Crit mods are mandatory on Crit weapons, but unnoticeable on weapons without good Crit stats. Bramma can fit Vigilante Supplies in the Exilus, but the Exergis can't have Ammo Stock or Primed Tactical Reload in the Exilus? Maybe DE should nerf Ammo Mutation from converting unused ammo pickups to increased ammo pickup efficiency? Instead of restocking Bramma arrows on random pistol drops that are guaranteed to drop from enemy clusters, the correct ammo pickup gets a % chance of yielding extra ammo?
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