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  1. It's why the Tysis can shred Heavy Gunners with non-existent crit stats. Viral + Bleed gets way more publicity than Corrosive + Viral simply because any primary weapon with decent Crit stats can run Hunter Munitions.
  2. Not so much a coding oversight as much as a planning oversight. DE just adds new types of damage multipliers as they go. We have so many and we don't even have proper terminology for all of them. Finisher damage, stealth multipliers, headshot multipliers, multishot, stance multipliers, base damage, elements, critical multiplier, faction damage, viral procs before even getting into Warframe powers. DE should have sat down in the beginning and threw all types of damage multipliers into distinct bins, putting a hard limit of how many multipliers they'll allow in game. Then again armor scaling is another oversight that DE leaned on to balance out player damage.
  3. Banshee is the original reason why so many bosses have invincibility phases and health gates. They wanted to get rid of that with liches, but it came full circle. Banshee is unpopular because DE usually does not allow her to do the one thing she was designed to do. Banshee is needless overkill for fodder, but doesn't work on most bosses kind like a lot of single target weapons.
  4. Puncture exists solely as a gimped version of Corrosive and has no synergy with Corrosive and before the Corrosive cap and the removal of 4xIPS priority, actively got in the way of getting Corrosive procs which is why -Puncture Rivens were so valuable. Puncture procs are so useless that the removal of 4xIPS priority was actually buff, while Slash procs are so good that it was a nerf. The only niche Puncture serves is that it isn't mutually exclusive with Viral like Corrosive usually is. That's only true for high levels. Toxin simply bypasses Shields with no strings attached and scales with elemental damage mods. Bleed involves a lot of more RNG and doesn't scale with elemental damage mods though it does benefit from Viral procs. Bleed deals 35% Base Damage as true damage per tick, for 245% over 6 seconds. Raw damage only starts to lose out in KPS to Bleed when Damage Reduction reduces effective damage to be under 35% Base. Due to armor class modifiers double dipping with a multiplier and armor mitigation, raw Corrosive and Radiation don't quite fall off until Sortie 3 and Steel Path. The other part of the equation is Viral. Viral due to its damage multiplying proc alone already competes with Corrosive and Radiation at low levels before even taking account its synergy with Bleed. Corrosive + Viral is also strong combo for Steel Path but can't be built on most weapons and will fall off eventually in an endurance run compared to Viral+Bleed. It should also be noted that Acolytes are Viral proc immune, have statuses capped at 4 and sport Ferrite armor. Outside a huge juicy forced Bleed proc from a melee, rapid fire weapons are better served with Corrosive unless you bring an armor strip ability.
  5. Puncture proc only lowers enemy DPS. Puncture for the most part is just a gimped Corrosive. On level 45 Heavy Gunners, a +120% Puncture mod on a weapon with 80% base puncture will deal an extra 35% of base damage per hit guaranteed. Compare this to Hunter Munitions with 30% chance to deal Bleed proc that deals 35% of Base damage per tick for 7 ticks in 6 seconds on Crit.
  6. It's roughly the point where a Bleed tic is about to outpace Puncture damage against Ferrite armor. A level 45 Heavy Gunner has ~1888 Ferrite armor, or 86.29% DR. Puncture damage has a +50% bonus, boosting damage by 1.5x and ignoring 50% of Ferrite armor value. Puncture faces 75.9% DR, with a 1.5x, meaning it deals 36.2% of its starting value guaranteed on every hit. A Bleed tic deals 35% of Base Damage as True damage with more RNG involved. Corrosive with a +75% bonus deals 68% of its starting value.
  7. The Star Chart caps out at level 45 and that's what DE balanced Damage 2.0 around. DE left armor unchecked because it was the only thing keeping up with unchecked player power and power creep sells. A decently modded MK1 Braton can take care of Sortie level Corpus and Infested, but Grineer need something more. If armor scaling is multiplicative with health scaling, then just need to cram more multipliers onto weapons. Need higher Crit Multipliers and Bleeds that ignore the enemy health multiplier called armor. Fight Multiplication with Multiplication. Just like how armored enemies lord over the unarmored with their extra ehp multiplier, Crit weapons have done the same to the Cri-t-ppled with their extra damage multiplier.
  8. Most players will avoid Mercy kills unless DE releases some marked by death level shenanigans....
  9. It's a great incentive for DE to clean up the spaghetti and streamline base systems.
  10. In the end, it's a more conditional and restricted version of Covert Lethality back in the day, which wasn't even that popular back then.
  11. Especially annoying when the rad procced players are running with AOE weapons. I'm surprised rad procs don't turn on self damage.
  12. Tile sets got bigger to compensate for the removal of stamina. Old Corpus tiles were cramped with elevators. New Corpus tiles are a lot more open to facilitate jumping around. When one thing changes, something else breaks and it isn't always a bug. The removal of stamina allowed players to zoom past enemies which is why a lot of missions boil down to Mobile Defense. The paradox of DE wanting players to engage with enemies while giving players plenty of tools to ignore them.
  13. Modding weapons in Warframe boils down to cramming as many different multipliers the game will allow you to have. You always want 1 or 2 mods contributing to a multiplier layer, but 3 runs into opportunity costs as stacking the same stat leads to lower relative returns, making other options more attractive. When putting QoL on a scale with an entire damage multiplier, the extra damage multiplier will win out always. Only by exhausting all unconditional damage multipliers do QoL mods start to be attractive, but we have a lot of unconditional multipliers. A typical Weapon: 1 mod for Base Damage (Serration) 1 mod for Multi-shot (Split Chamber) 2 mods for Crit (Point Strike and Vital Sense) 2 mods for Elements, usually Viral (Elemental Damage is a multiplier, Enemy Resistances is a multiplier and Viral procs are another multiplier) 1 mod for slot for Hunter Munitions (Bleed bypasses the enemy health multiplier called armor, so it's effectively another damage multiplier that's additive with Elemental Damage, but multiplicative with Viral procs) 1 Flex Serration, Split Chamber and Elements are unconditional multipliers that come with no strings attached and are thus no brainers. Crit mods are unconditional to weapons with good Crit stats and are auto includes on those weapons. Banes and Fire Rate are also extra damage multipliers, but they are more conditional. Banes only work on certain enemies and Fire Rate may ruin the ammo economy of some weapons. There are weapons with terrible Crit stats that can't get use out of Vital Sense, Point Strike and Hunter Munitions, but that doesn't mean they get 3 extra flex slots, it just means that they MR Fodder because they don't have access to some exclusive multipliers top tier weapons get. The new arcanes are basically an extra mod slot that gives conditional Base Damage, and depending on some play styles, it makes sense to opt out of Serration and replace it with another multiplier like Fire Rate if a weapon has good ammo economy. Serration is additive with the arcane, Vile Acceleration is multiplicative. Before QoL mods are even considered, all unconditional damage multipliers must be exhausted first. The abundance of damage multipliers is also what contributes to the ridiculous power gaps between players. An extra multiplier is an extra order of magnitude difference between player damage. It's the same issue with armored enemies being an extra order of magnitude tankier than shielded enemies. Armor scaling is multiplicative with health scaling. Shields are only additive with health scaling. So Grineer feel overbearing in the Steel Path compared to Corpus, just like how Meta weapons with good Crit stats are overbearing compared to MR Fodder that can't use Crit. AOE is fundamentally another damage multiplier single target weapons don't have access to and AOE weapons have comparable damage for some reason. They are supposed to be balanced by bad ammo economy, but DE thought Ammo Mutation was bad enough for the Exilus slot. Primed Sure Footed is an Exilus Slot on Warframes. Hindsight 20/20. The true solution to mandatory mods is either a massive nerf to mod numbers or changing multiplier interactions into additive ones just like what happened to Condition Overload and Primed Pressure Point. CO and PPP were once separate multipliers so they were no brainers on a build. Once they became additive, they started competing for the same slot reserved for "Base Damage". Opened up for other multipliers like Primed Reach's AOE or Healing Return's utility. Cut down on excessive Multiplication: Critical Multiplier and Viral procs made additive with Base Damage. 4.4x Crit = +340% Base Damage, 1 Viral Proc = +100% Base Damage All multi-shot given equal % of -accuracy as a drawback. Replace headshot multiplier with flat +100% Critical Chance on headshot. Base enemy armor buffed, but no longer scales at all. (Bleed is lowered to the same level as other Dots)
  14. It only seems like stupidity because Grineer tactics don't match up with how Warframe has changed over the years to be faster, just like a lot of older Warframes like Frost. Grineer are perfectly adequate in a Gears of War style game, but Warframe isn't a tactical shooter anymore. Stamina which was limited is now infinite. Part of the Corpus tile set rework was to remove elevators and cramped spaces which were relics of parkour 1.0. However a lot of older enemies didn't get revamps to account for increased player mobility or how melee went from the weak weapon of last resort to the strongest weapon class in the game. Butchers used to exist to pressure stamina depleted players out of cover. Melee was used against Butchers to save bullets in the mag against the Lancers far away. Now Butchers exist as nothing more than ON KILL fodder to fuel buffs.
  15. It's irrefutable evidence that Warframe's damage and ehp scaling is fundamentally broken. Right now, with all the damage multipliers (Crits, Viral, Multi-shot, etc) and damage dividers (Armor, scaling DR), everything is a nightmare to balance. The issue is that the player damage curve doesn't fit the enemy ehp curve very well as players get mods and enemies scale up. Enemies can have 10x the ehp of the enemy next to it due to armor differences and a single min maxed player can deal 10x more damage than the rest of the 4 man squad combined. Without having to worry about modding or absurd scaling, DE could assign reasonable TTKs for the enemies for the demo. in a lot of ways, Warframe is wasted on the damage system we have.
  16. After innate punch-through and punch-through mods, it would be nice if weapons received additional punch-through based on 1% of a weapon's Puncture. Tying punch-through to a proc is questionable when punch-through itself is already finicky even when guaranteed because enemies don't always come in straight lines.
  17. I hope for a stat squish where enemy armor doesn't scale, where critical multiplier and viral procs are additive with Base Damage. Bleed would be in line with other DOTs without armor scaling and IPS triangle would hold true into late game. Making Critical Multiplier and Viral procs additive with Base Damage would bring top tier weapons with good stats closer to the MR fodder in DPS. With less damage multipliers to account for, DE would have an easier time to tailor boss ehp without resorting to smoke and mirrors like DR that scales with DPS. Of course, Band-Aids are the only things we can expect.
  18. It's only meaningful early game before enemy armor scales too high and before players have access to elements. It's one of the many mechanics that fall off as players and enemies scale up.
  19. With Impact getting mods like Internal Bleeding which converts it into Slash and its new effect on Parazon Finisher thresholds, Puncture is paradoxically the worst IPS type against armor. Currently, it exists as nothing more than a weaker version of Corrosive. Should Puncture receive a band-aid too? Festering Bolts: Puncture Status Effects have 35% chance to apply a Viral Status Effect (x2 when Fire Rate is below 2.5)
  20. Status is already a questionable stat when so many status effects are capped. Unless a weapon has slash, 20% and 100% are pretty indistinguishable as any random bullet hose hits the 10 cap in seconds.
  21. Ammo Mutation is just too powerful to be an Exilus Slot as it gives powerful weapons that would otherwise have terrible sustained DPS, sustainable DPS. Maybe Ammo Conversion should be nerfed into Ammo Pickup Efficiency? Instead of converting pistol ammo into sniper ammo, the correct ammo pickup simply gives more ammo. In regards to Puncture damage giving additional Punch-through, I think 1% is fine. After Serration, a Braton Prime has 32.4 Puncture, resulting in ~0.3m After Serration, a Boltor Prime has 109.7 Puncture, resulting in ~1.1m punch-through. After Serration, a Opticor has 2252 Puncture, resulting in ~22.5m punch-through +1m innate. Most weapons have innate Puncture, so naturally all weapons will get some minor Punch-through, though many of them might not get practical amounts. It would be almost unnoticeable on most assault rifles, but would be very significant on something like an Opticor. It wouldn't be much of a game-changer except for maybe Mag mains who may even stack those +120% Puncture mods for the lulz. There are already a lot of weapons with infinite punch-through gimmicks and they are far from meta.
  22. AOE weapons have damage on par with single target weapons and are supposed to be balanced by low ammo pools, but that is easily made moot by Ammo Mutation that fits in the Exilus slot. There are various solutions to this issue: Pure Punch-through mods having cost reduced significantly and made into Exilus mods. Lesser used gun mods getting buffed across the board with various sub-stats with Punch-through being one of them. After innate Punch-through, modded Punch-through, all weapons gain additional Punch-through equal to 1% of weapon's Puncture damage.
  23. Instead of a separate node, Steel Path should have been a reskinned Dragon Key that offers the bearer special rewards at the end of a mission while acting as an Acolyte beacon instead of creating another segregated mission.
  24. AOE weapons were supposed to be balanced by low ammo reserves, but ammo Mutation makes that moot and it fits in the Exilus slot despite being the sole reason some AOE weapon have any sustained DPS ability at all. Could nerf ammo conversion into ammo efficiency. Instead of converting pistol pickups into rockets, rocket pickups yield +100% extra ammo. That way, ammo reserves actually matter.
  25. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Enemy_Level_Scaling From wiki: Health, shields, and armor scaling formulae use two main functions to determine stat scaling at a particular level. One function is used when enemy level difference is below 70 and the other when enemy level difference is above 80. A common feature between the functions used is that they intersect at x=80. In other words, they produce the same value when the enemy level difference is 80. Stat scaling between 70-80 inclusive is interpolated from the two functions using smoothstep.
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