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  1. u need to change yur processor i thik to...but try to get a gtx series... 2gtx 660 ti 2g 16g ram 1To 1ssd processor amd quad core at 4.2ghz (its my config) ^^
  2. support and take a screenshot...good luck bro
  3. get mine after 1 r 2 run id remember..but its hard to get!! some ppl on my clan prefer to buy it in trade tchat!!atm its not overpriced to buy it in trade tchat! so if its the only only 1 way yu have to get it...take it bro ^^
  4. try to get the braton prime...or just get a bow if yu like it !! if yu dont have time to farm just get the burston!
  5. i dont think its good to have dual dakra prime....lets do the the despair prime xD
  6. xD super its awesome with heavy impact :p
  7. stop talk about the PW (facepalm)
  8. saryn and make it 4 forma ^^ sure u will love this frame
  9. ok i will try both ^^ tnx guys for the fast reply ^^
  10. hello guys i just need to know where its the good place to get the venka stance...
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